Easter 2017: funny SMS greetings, beautiful cards

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Easter 2017


Do not forget to congratulate on this bright day, your family and friends!

The most touching and warm SMS greetings with Easter. Don’t forget this wonderful day to write family and friends, to share the cake with the loved ones and make peace with all with whom managed to quarrel for a year!


Sunday came –

How to calm the soul and light!

Let it be life on the joy of generous

Full of warmth, hope and kindness.

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Congratulations with Easter

And again come the spring!

Let the bright mosaic of colors

Will enjoy the feast of the Holy!

Was already Great post,

And with it grief and sadness, and passion.. .

For the return of life – a toast:

Let in health and happiness!

All Orthodox rejoice,

Call for light and goodness!

I’m with the Resurrection of God congratulations

And guests look forward to!

Easter 2017: when baking cakes and painted auracite fully

In celebration I give you the Easter egg.

Congratulations, that Christ is risen!

Our disorder – random phenomenon

In celebration trace of it disappeared.

Happy Easter sincerely wish

Christ is risen – here are the main words!

Let the Lord protects from harm

And reward you for good deeds!

Easter ring. Christ Is Risen!

And grace sent from heaven

And faith and goodness at all.

You – happiness, joy, a good laugh!

Let Easter Sunday

It will be Sunny, warm and clear.

Let give the soul enlightenment

The mood will be perfect!

A wonderful congratulations with Easter 2017, beautiful cards, lovely to staycity fully

Licorice Easter

Smoked sausage,

Savory salsa,

Hard-boiled eggs!

Christ Is Risen!

As Easter as Easter

Eggs all drove into the paint.

Over post, add weight.

Good day! Christ Is Risen!

I say: “Christ is risen!”

And happiness I wish you

The blessings of heaven

Today you portend.

I wish that a miracle happened

With you on Easter day Holy,

Each other to love people,

Diving into happiness!

Easter 2017: how to get out of postaciami fully

Want to celebrate Easter joyfully,

Worthy of the occasion to hold

To heart was sweet

Good luck in life!

Bells to ring in spring

And hope we woke up again.

Easter is the feast of the Resurrection.

Let rise again Faith and Love!

Testament blissful heaven

Sounds to us a song of the resurrection

Love and happiness, and forgiveness

Christ is risen!

You wish, my brother,

So on this holiday, you’re Holy

Special graces won,

And never get discouraged.

Easter 2017: unexpected ideas coloring accitate fully

Happy Easter son congratulations

Heartily wish you,

Only a beautiful wife,

To her loved one.

Do not be sad and do not grieve,

To achieve their goals.

Never give up,

Boldly you step forward!

Darling, happy Easter!

Let life be like a fairy tale.

Always one I love,

And dreams come true yours.

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