Easter 2017: congratulations to the President of Ukraine



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The President of Ukraine wished the filling of the Christian with joy and asks God’s mercy for the defenders of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the occasion of the resurrection of Christ congratulates the people of the country and wishes filling the Universal Christian joy and asks God’s mercy for the defenders of Ukraine.

The appeal was spread by the press service of the Ukrainian President.

“Dear compatriots, brothers and sisters!

I sincerely congratulate you with the Feast of Feasts for Ukrainians and for all Christians of the world – Easter.

Particularly pleased that Christ unites all: this year the Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Roman Catholics and Protestants celebrate this huge event in one day.

Wrote St. John Chrysostom: “Christ is Risen, and destroyed death. Christ has risen and fallen demons. Christ has risen and angels rejoice. Christ has risen, and life lives” .

Today is the feast of the Bright resurrection of Christ

The resurrection of Christ proves that good always triumphs over evil.

Christ’s resurrection shows that eternal life conquers the death of the earth.

The resurrection of Christ represents faith, hope and Christian love of mankind, which it keeps for two thousand years.

Among the Nations that news of the Resurrection was heard from direct witnesses, were our ancestors in the Dnieper and the Crimea. They preached the Apostle Andrew. He blessed the place where now stands Kiev.

Poroshenko with his family attended Easter service

Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev baptism of Rus-Ukraine adopted the belief in the Resurrection. And his son Yaroslav the Wise has completed the construction of this beautiful Church of Hagia Sophia.

The tradition of a truly nationwide celebration of Easter, nurtured and strengthened several dozens of generations of our ancestors. We stored it and to transmit to future generations.

Special greetings Easter: best SMS, poems

Sincerely happy great and glorious holiday. May these days be filled with the universal joy of Christ every Ukrainian soul.

Noting the victory of life over death, will not forget to remember all the heroes who perished for Ukraine. Especially I humbly beg God’s grace for everyone, and who now protects the Ukraine.

Dear Ukrainians!

I wish you all warmth, health, happiness, and strong faith. Faith in God and faith in the fact that in Ukraine there will be peace and prosperity. As President with the help of God has worked and will work towards that goal.”

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