“Dynamo” – “The Partisan” – 3:1. Text online broadcast of Sport-Express in Ukraine

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Dinamo – Partizan – 3:1 (3:1)

Goals: Morozyuk, 6 (1:0). Junior Moraes, 28 (2:0). Junior Moraes, 31 (3:0). Jevtovic, 45+4 – with a penalty (3:1).

“Dynamo” (Kiev): Bowen, Pivaric, Khacheridi, Kadar, KENDZERA, Shepelev, Buialskyi (Garmash, 66), Morozyuk, Shaparenko, Tsygankov, Junior Moraes.

“Partizan” (Belgrade): Stojković, N. G. Miletic, Mitrovic, N. R. Miletich, Vulicevic, Everton, Jevtovic, Scrip, Pantic, Solomon (Ožegović, 66), Towamba.

Penalties: Everton, 40. N. G. Miletic, 48. Morozyuk, 62 (warnings).

Judges: Gil, Sapele, hell (all – Poland).

7 Dec. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”.

72′ Junior Moraes was flagged for offside.

70′ Rivals continue to exchange sharp attacks.

68′ Garmash has a shot from distance wide of the goal.

66′ out Buyalsky – Garmash enters the field.

66′ Ožegović was replaced by Solomon.

65′ Everton had a shot from 18 metres – the ball flew to heaven.

62′ Ubiquitous Morozyuk warned for rough game against Autovice in the opponent’s half of the field.

60′ “Partisan” does not lose hope for a comeback.

58′ Danger! After transfer from the right corner of the penalty area Towamba-touch shot from several meters – Busan heroically parried! The Serbs continued their attack, however, pantić 19-meter shot just over the bar!

56′ Guests got out after a cross from the right flank by Tsygankov.

55′ Dangerous! Shaparenko made a solo pass, passed half the field, broke into the penalty area, but to outwit the Stojkovic failed – only a corner kick.

53′ Teams upped the tempo on a collision course the game is played.

52′ Dangerous! Tsygankov broke into the penalty area in the center and shot – N. R. Miletich takes the ball on himself.

50′ is Dangerous! Pantic gets a Curling shot to the left – Busan effectively puts the ball in the corner.

48′ Tsygankov decided to take a shot – the ball hit the opponent goes for a corner.

48′ Miletich disrupted the passage Morozyuk on the right flank – another yellow card in the match.

46′ the Teams remained in the same compositions.

46′ the Game is resumed.

45+4′ First half completed!

45+4′ GOAL! Jevtovic smashed home a low shot into the right corner just wide of the post, Busan only guessed the direction of impact – 3:1!

45+3′ Penalty against Dynamo! Morozyuk on the outskirts of the goalkeeper’s area on the left dropped to the grass, a fair arbitrator’s decision.

45+2′ “Partisan” attack in hopes to revive the intrigue.

45′ the Main referee added three minutes!

42′ Wards Khatskevich gave the initiative to the visitors, given a solid advantage in the account.

40′ Everton got a yellow card for rough foul against Shaparenko in the center of the field.

37′ Khacheridi bravely blocks a gun attack Solomon from 20 metres.

33′ Dynamo almost clears all questions about the winner in the opening half hour of the game.

31′ GOOOOOOOL!!! This defeat! Another great combination involving Shaparenko and Morozyuk allows Junior Moraes to seal his brace within three minutes after a cross from Brazilian captain again without interference amazed already empty gate from several metres – 3:0!!!

30′ Owners on courage continue to attack.

28′ GOOOOOOOL!!! Dynamo scored the second goal in gate of “partisan”! After a pass from Shepelev left Shaparenko tried to head the ball goalwards, the ball bounced to the free Morosuke, the captain paused and carefully laid the ball to Junior Moraes, who from several metres has amazed empty gate – 2:0!!!

23′ the Serbs can’t come up with anything new in the attack.

21′ Tsygankov got in the confrontation with the opponent. Pause in the game. Jevtovic acted quite harshly.

19′ Dynamo pokazyaet their willingness to play on a collision course. Kiev does not intend to hold the account.

17′ there Is a struggle in the middle line of the field.

15′ stojković did not stop the ball after a cross from Morozyuk from the left flank corner for the home side.

13′ the Team Miroslav Djukic demonstrates the determination and commitment to fight for the result.

11′ “Guerrilla” is gradually pumps: Solomon struck goalwards from 14 yards exactly in the hands of Busano.

10′ the Serbs got the right for a corner from the right flank. Dynamo correctly removes the threat from their gates.

8′ Tsygankov was flagged for offside.

7′ Great start to the meeting for the team of Alexander Khatskevich. The first attack of the “Dynamo” becomes effective.

6′ GOOOOOOOAL!!! Dynamo opens the scoring! Stojkovic barely parried aside the blow of Junior Moraes from the penalty area, and this took Morozyuk, has already affected the empty corner to the right from 10 yards to make it 1-0!!!

5′ Dangerous! Suma shot from 22 metres-the ball hit the crossbar!

4′ Guests have more possession. Partizan is trying to gain a foothold in the half of Kiev.

2′ Recall that in the case of a tie, the Dynamo will finish the group stage of the Europa League in the first place.

1′ the Match is underway!

The teams took the field. Anthem of Europa League!

You can follow the match of the 6th round of the group round of the Europa League Dinamo – Partizan at our site.

Eugene SHISHMAREV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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