Duma and a little nervously: how lost bills

Something in the air sort of rushes or something…

In the upper layers of our troubled political atmosphere? Confusion, uneasiness, or what?

The state Duma is our Parliament is unimportant. But it is a sensitive barometer. What has happened over the last days a heap, one after another, amusing story with the introduction and passing of bills is very similar to one of the manifestations of what in the jargon is called “nervyak”. While some confusion that the disconnect between the government, the presidential Administration and the legislature there is only “input” to the Parliament. But the first step is the hardest…

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On 11 April, the head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Vasily Piskarev and his Deputy, Ernest Valeev, both members of United Russia in the Duma introduced a bill that proposes to radically rewrite the law “On police”. In the key, best of MIA, of course.

April 12 authors withdrew the initiative after the leadership of the faction has put them on view, saying that we must first coordinate our plans with the comrades in the party.

21 April, three United Russia (Vitaly Bakhmetyev, Nikolai Brykin, Evgeny Marchenko) signed together with the members of the LDPR faction in the loud bill to reburial of the body of the leader of world proletariat Vladimir Ulyanov. On the same day in the evening seemed so brave United Russia withdrew their signature from the faction considered that to offend the Communists and the “kindle” (as it is called Okhotny Ryad) worthless.

But the most striking story is, of course, the story about the deprivation of citizenship involved in terrorism.

The evening of 18 April with the signatures of leaders of all parliamentary factions in the state Duma were solemnly introduced a bill offering convicts a number of articles of the Criminal code to take Russian passports. Extraordinary threatened punishment only to those offenders who have second citizenship or a “guarantee of purchase”. How to deny someone from the text to understand it was impossible.

And in the evening of 20 April, the bill that was handed down from the state Duma. The text of the document has disappeared from the official electronic database of the lower house of Parliament, and in the morning with the Duma sites have disappeared every reminder of him. It’s like a cow tongue licked.

Said made to modify and re-submit. But then why made?

It is worth noting that the “heavy artillery” in the person of Vladimir Vasiliev, Sergei Mironov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Gennady Zyuganov, the authorities rarely charged: in the last convocation, for example, these four policies were signed under the bills only twice — and both times it was about the initiatives born in the Kremlin, doomed in such a scheme for a quick and smooth acceptance. In the case of citizenship, it seemed, everything seemed to go fun, especially because a week before in support of the idea clearly expressed by President Putin.

However, none of the alleged authors do not clearly commented on the strange variability of its position. Duma regulations, meanwhile, allow prinesena the text of the bill by the authors prior to the first reading that does not require him to formally withdraw. It is in the Duma traditions (not the best tradition, note) would be to accept the first reading of completely useless text, and then, for the second reading, to make it just worthless. But this time the normal path for some reason did not go, and went something like a scandal. It looked as if the authors found that signed something shameful and tried as soon as possible to get that something out of sight, not wishing to shame. If they do not read the text prior to the introduction, and then read, horrified — and by “paternity” refused.

The bill, which “MK” wrote time and again, was really disgusting dubious from the point of view of the Constitution, which is article number 6: it declares the citizenship of the Russian Federation “uniform and equal irrespective of the grounds of acquisition” and argues that “the citizen of the Russian Federation may not be deprived of his citizenship or the right to change it.” But that didn’t stop last year, and the last convocation of the same Duma factions, headed by the same leaders to vote in the first reading is similar almost verbatim the version in the so-called “Spring package”! The second reading from this part of the innovations, however, been abandoned.

And here on April 21 in the evening bill on deprivation of citizenship of terrorists made a new one! Brought from the Kremlin, and written, apparently, in FSB original version was rewritten beyond recognition: rewrote, according to “MK”, Okhotny Ryad, in close cooperation with lawyers from the presidential Administration. The new version impresses with its intricate Jesuit (MK will still be writing in detail about this document). A number of authors has expanded to the leaders of the factions added by the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, first Deputy speaker Ivan Melnikov (Communist party), Deputy speaker Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”), Igor Lebedev (LDPR), head of the Duma Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (“ER”) and his first Deputy Mikhail Emelyanov (“SR”)…

Really, at the entrance to the Duma was, in the words of Vladimir Vladimirovich (Mayakovsky), “a little nervous”.

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