Due to the death of the legendary gunner APU in social networks has triggered a political scandal

On Tuesday, April 2, in the Luhansk region killed senior soldier 54 brigade APU Yana Chervona. Legendary gunner in the 2014 year began its military journey as a volunteer, and two years later joined the defenders of Ukraine.

Until the name of the mother of the two children was only known to some Ukrainians who know her as an activist or a daring warrior.

But when in Ukraine, a protest aunts “Avakov”, Yana Chervona criticized the actions of the “Nazdratenko”.

Once in the midst of the election campaign published an investigation about the theft of the former first Deputy of the NSDC Secretary Oleg Gladkovsky and his son with friends in “Ukroboronprom”, wild activists began to sway the fences and attack the Poroshenko army APU posted a photo from the front with the caption “Razdrogin, Ncorpus not ashamed to hide behind my back?”.

And here the defender of Ukraine attacked the so-called tradepile. Merciless criticism and insults rushed at her from the side of the veterans-volunteers who are the opponents of Poroshenko.

A former fighter of “Azov” offends Yana Chervona because of disagreement with the actions of titushky Avakov

Others immediately began to dismantle “the statement from the General staff,” talking about what red is supposedly a figurehead.

Today, in the dugout, where a soldier was with his sister Malatiny Alexander, was a Russian mine. Both died.

What wrote the representative of Ukraine in Minsk, Irina Herashchenko:

“This is Yan. today, the dugout hit the enemy Russian mine. Yana and her brother were killed. Yana has left two young children – 10 and 8 years old. Yana from Kharkov. Jan and like Jan, not allowed to create an “HNR”. She covered for us, and those who understand that the war continues, and Putin has already attacked, and those who call the war the “business project” and laughing at “attack Putin”. Will now cover the Sky. Cry.”

Post Gerashchenko posted on the page of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, which among Ukrainians again started the scandal to criticize the current political regime.

Even reached mutual threats and insults, that shows how the society has ceased to be tolerant towards their fellow citizens. Even in the death of the defenders of Ukraine, we find reasons to hate each other.

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