Drunk raki helped scientists to understand how bad excessive sociability

A group of researchers from the University of Maryland, College Park, found that the crayfish species Procambarus clarkii get drunk faster, if getting alcohol in the body, they had the opportunity to spend time in the company of other dogs. Experts do not exclude that the findings will be useful for studying alcoholism among men.

photo: pixabay.com

During the experiments, the scientists immersed the young healthy individuals in the aquarium, which subsequently was added a certain amount of ethanol. However, some arthropods before that for seven or even ten days was in solitude, while others could “communicate” with each other. As it turned out, how quickly cancers are intoxicated, influenced not only the concentration of ethanol in water, but also how they were “convivial”. Those animals that before getting into the water with ethanol could communicate with others, began to show signs of intoxication, about one and a half times faster “lonely” relatives . According to experts, these symptoms are quite easy to observe — first animals for no apparent reason take an aggressive posture or begin to intensely waving his tail and after some time lose balance and fall, and then remain in this position until you “sober up”.

When the same concentration of ethanol those cancers, which over a week spent alone, started to get drunk after about thirty minutes, while the rest just twenty. Researchers are not yet ready with full confidence to declare what is due to their trend, however, tend to assume that socialisation has changed the very structure of the neurons of animals, so their body begins to tolerate alcohol more “effective”. Scientists do not exclude that something similar may also be observed in other exposed to alcohol living beings, including humans.

The specialists presented in the scientific Journal Journal of Experimental Biology.

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