Drunk passenger attacked the employee of the airport

The worker fell, struck the front of the baggage claim. Photo: https://dpsu.gov.ua

In the Zaporozhye airport due to delay of baggage, the passenger struck the inspector of a border service.

The woman and her husband arrived on a flight Sharm El Sheikh-Kiev. Was drunk. Decided that they need to unload their own bags.

The observation regarding observance of the regime at the checkpoint, the passenger protested and hit him in the face inspector of the border service. The worker fell, struck the front of the baggage, the press service of the DPS.

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The husband of a passenger on the comments of the staff of state frontier service also reacted aggressively, tried to resist.

The employee of a border service were hospitalized. The victim went to the police with a statement about the injury.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast border guards detained the an-2 aircraft, which carried out the illegal movement of cigarettes on the territory of Romania. Also detained three residents of Khmelnytsky and Ivano-Frankivsk regions aboard the plane. Criminals use the tactic of fast loading tobacco in field conditions.