Dropped us off at the field like a herd, no hot food, no toilet – a student of “mobilization” in the “DNR”

The youth, who “mobilized the terrorists “DNR” in case of refusal to go to the landfill had problems in their universities, but the gathering place of the guys that were not fed, even the toilet was not.
This was told by Alex, a student of one of higher educational institutions of Donetsk, writes “Today”.
“Why we were brought there, it is not clear, and if it had – promised problems including expulsion from the College. Before the charges, the Dean said to come definitely before six in the morning, they say, will have to wait for buses,” said guy.
According to him, the group is “mobilized left late.
Dropped us off at the field like a flock, and sent on foot to the point of collection columns. No hot food, no toilets, even to get out of the wind was nowhere. While there, the field kitchen was, but we did not let her close. The sad thing is, stood in a field all day for a few “fiery” speeches. What was the point of all this – no one understood. All returned angry and tired, – said Alexey.

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