Double-Decker trains are removed from the routes

Train removed for repair. Photo:

Ukrzaliznytsia will receive the high-speed double-Decker trains Škoda to overhaul in the second half of 2019.

Repairs will Zaporizhzhya electric locomotive plant, said Director of engineering and technical support uz Gregory Boyko.

“This year in high-speed trains Škoda the time came for a major overhaul. Today the plant has no documentation for overhaul. So we put the first task of the Institute to develop and issue appropriate documentation, and in the second half to do the work of renewal,” – said Boyko.

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In Ukraine now there is plant, which repairs diesel trains.

“Today this task in the Dnepropetrovsk locomotive plant. This year they have to work off the documentation and from 2020 to start the overhaul of diesel trains,” – said Boyko.

In the sector of repair of engines Ukrzaliznytsya wants to work with the Malyshev plant.

“In December of 2018 for the plant sent a Commission for a work meeting. Today we need investment in the plant to establish mass production,” Boyko said.

At the plant named after Malyshev said that the company is ready to serve released in the 80-ies of the engines for the locomotives, to supply parts, but to say today about the release of new products difficult.

The Czech Škoda electric was purchased in 2012 before the football championship Euro-2012. In 2014, the train broke down and stood without repairs for two years.

Two Škoda is dual-voltage trains run on electrified sections on DC and AC current. The train consists of six double-Decker cars and has 636 seats, including 46 first-class, 590 – second. The train is designed for operation at speeds up to 160 km per hour.

Škoda one train runs between Kiev and Kharkov. Second ride on the route Kiev-Ternopil-Kyiv.


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