Doctors spoke about the reducing life characteristics of the urban environment

Who sings louder than the others?

The people according to their communication characteristics are divided into four types. Surely you recognize yourself in one of them.

Analyzer: relatively speaking, slowly writing. Professes the motto of “hurry slowly”. Cry for him alien.

Engine: creative employees, which still burns in his hands. If he uses the analyzer tells him of her intentions, the latter, to put it mildly, stupid. After hearing the loud motor, slow the analyzer is ready to say, “Hey, so what’re you saying?”

The controller usually is the leader. Many, if not all, keep under control, it is a big responsibility. Usually screams to “support” a gentle man who is willing to help at any time.

At the same time “support” can also easily be manipulated by the controller. It is enough to say: dear controller, your professionalism will save the world — and then you can promote any information.

There is another division of the “screamers” on the types, depending on temperament. Catherine Martusova says that melancholic, frustrated because of anxiety, panic (most likely irrational). The melancholic eats the guilt, he can worry about his misconduct 3-4 days. Not knowing why it behaved the.

Phlegmatic scream from impotence. If they can’t convey their thoughts to the interlocutor calm, even tone, and to convey the idea must, they break. Phlegmatic, perhaps, the most terrible cry of the people: to bring them to the “boiling point” is extremely difficult, but if you did it, beware.

Choleric tone of voice for the “release steam”. Prohorovskaya the hot-headed immediately after the “performance” becomes good. The guilt can come later — but only if he realizes that was wrong or offended someone. And in General — hardly. Choleric can apologize, because it’s so accepted, but on the inside they have feelings of guilt there.

Sanguine scream for strong emotion, love to speak in public. Sanguine spontaneity and are sure to live permanently in care is not necessary. I believe that others should accept their call as a kind of blessing.

In any case, whoever you faced, remember the Golden rule. At a time when a person cries, any attempt to besiege it will lead to more aggression. You can say the most sensible things, but the words will only add fuel to the fire…

Finally — a few tips on how to reduce the noise level in the house.

* Install double-glazed Windows (can reduce noise level by 30 dB). But then you need to be careful, though rarely, but sometimes resonance occurs, whereby the glass does not diminish, but enhances the noise level.

* To change the Wallpaper by placing them under the noise insulation material.

* Use the extractor fan in the kitchen only when necessary.

* Do not leave the TV, if you don’t see.

* To listen to music at full volume.

* Conduct “therapy of silence” — to try at least an hour a day to spend in the Park, away from the noise of the city.

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