Doctors recommend not to encourage women to breastfeed

Breast milk is important for the health of the child. Also this is the easiest way for moms to ensure that the child will be well fed and relaxed. But not all mothers can provide children with breast milk as much as experts recommend, and it can have bad consequences and effects on mental health of the mother.

Most of the world’s medical associations have the manual, which recommends feeding babies breast milk for at least six months.

But in real life, not all mothers can breastfeed during this time. Often, children at the age of 3 months are bottle-fed.

This fact can not to put pressure on moms who hear criticisms from physicians or relatives who refer to the rules.

Women may not be milk at all, or insufficient amount of milk to feed the child for several reasons. And attempt to conform to the norm can only worsen the emotional health of a woman.

Experts are increasingly to protect mom, speaking about the consequences of pressure on women.

In a recent study published in the journal “Nursing for women’s health,” experts called for further study of maternal stress, associated not only with breastfeeding, but with the pressure that get mom due to the fact that you feel the obligation and necessity of breastfeeding.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, that breastfeeding is better, in fact many of the recommendations of public health this issue occupies a special place. The American College of obstetricians and gynecologists, for example, in its recommendation to support mom says that women who can’t breast-feed often feel feelings and therefore their condition should be kept under the supervision of experts.

However, even in the States, this problem still cannot allocate enough attention, and experts recommend to revise some norms of communication by medical staff with mothers.

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