“Dnepr” took part in another Thriller and lost to “Kiev”

“Zaporozhye” hosted “Dnepr” in the next Dnieper Derby and third in the current regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match. The hosts managed to get extremely difficult the victory by a margin of three points.

Zaporozhye – Dnepr 93:90 (29:17, 22:22, 31:34, 11:17)

The start of the match was for the hosts who played aggressive on both ends of the floor. Players Zaporozhye implemented 4 of 7 three-pointers and moved the ball well, while Dnipro have had serious problems in attack – the starting period the team of Denis Zhuravlev had only a 25% accuracy in throws from game.

In the second quarter the hosts continued to increase their double-digit advantage thanks to a quick basketball in the attack, but the jerk 7:0 against Dnipro took the opportunity to slightly improve their position before the big break. Dnipro, playing without Fesenko and Chundela, competed under the boards, stopped fast break “Zaporozhye”, but only managed to equalize quarters and, accordingly, has preserved for itself a 12-point gap for the second half.

After 15 minutes the rest of the team staged an extravaganza of attacking basketball, scoring 64 points for two in the third quarter. In this game even a 9 point lead over the hosts before the last quarter didn’t look the backlog, which will be not under force to play Dnipro. But the start of a quarter was left for the “lions” (6:2), which increased its advantage to 13 points, sending the guests into a time out 6 minutes before the end of the match.

It was after this “minute” “Dnipro” managed to return the intrigue. Guests made a run of 10:0, cutting off the oxygen “Zaporozhye” in the attack – wards twice Plekhanov did not even have time to bring the ball from his half of the allotted 8 seconds. But 21 seconds before the end of normal time Mishula in the passage reduced the gap to his team 2 points. However, to put the squeeze on the hosts Dnipro in extremely difficult and tough match failed.

The team of Valeriy Plekhanov suddenly in the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match won “Dnepr”.

The best player of the match was point guard Michael Holton, who had a very strong game. The defender scored 27 points, converting 4-for-6 three-pointers, made 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 4 steals, and not committing any losses. His efficiency rating was 32 points.

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