“Dmitry did return, but in a coffin” – 3 years ago killed a volunteer “Shaman”

March 30, 2017 in the town during the battle exploded 120-mm mortar “Hammer”. Then killed 3 soldiers of Ukraine Dmytro Sumy from Ukrainian Volunteer corps “Right sector” Alexander Pedak and Oleg Novokhatko with the 72 th mechanized brigade. Black Cossacks. Another soldier – Dmitry Makeev, was seriously injured, but survived.

Author: Ukraina Moloda

Military, died 30 April: fighter 72 brigade, Alexander Pedak (left), volunteer Dmitry Sumskoy (top right), and soldiers of the 72nd brigade Oleg Novokhatko (bottom left)

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Three years have passed since the tragedy. his memories shared by the wife of Dmitry Sumskoy – Jan.

I finished the work day, came home and the moment I got the call. It was Vladimir Regesa – the commander of the volunteer unit which fought my husband. I was delighted, shook hands .. and then the tube was that of Dmitry is already there ..

His eyes darkened, it became difficult to breathe. I went to my mother to she explained, but I was “covered” completely. Sleep, eat, posters – could not. Took me by the hand, and I just executed commands. Life at that time stopped.

When you last saw the man alive?

27 Sep 2016. I spent it on a train, put in the car and left. However all was not sincere. Before we had a little fight. But at the same time, I thought not because you need to see me off to war. So back to Dmitry: hugged, kissed and he left. More we had not seen.

The last months of his life. We rarely talked. The connection was bad, then it is the tablet stopped working.

March 27, three days before his death, he whose phone call my mother, who was then celebrating his birthday. At the same time and we were able to talk.

If you had then some bad feeling?

A week before the tragedy I dreamed that I wander around bright cemetery and visit the grave of someone double. It was very scary. I came to work and told friend about the dream. We started to search the Internet for the meaning of this dream. There wrote that the loss of a loved one.

Also ten days before the tragedy, in my head climbed bad thoughts, anxiety. Unfortunately, they were justified then.

Author: Yana Sumy

Sumy Dmitry went to the front as a volunteer

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As you do with the “Shaman” joined their destinies?

This is a real tale. I was 16 years old, he’s 14. He came to a rehearsal in a music rock band. It was a youth party, all wore long hair. I also went there at the invitation. There, I saw Dimitri. He had curly hair, he is young, clean look. The first thing I thought, “What an angel”.

In celebration of the New year, we’d see you again. It was in 1988. But then we were not real couple. Fate kept us apart.

In 2007, we saw again and never parted. I was walking near his home when I was approached by a guy and said, Excuse me, are you Ian? As it turned out that each of us has a personal life does not work out. And this meeting gave us a second chance.

I was very sick, I had sore feet. Dima came to me, forced to walk to develop. Together, we have conquered the disease. Dimitri took me to his place and we started to live together. It was a fabulous life. He could Wake up in the morning and run to the lake which was not far from our house. There’s a fire, fried bacon, bread or chicken. Called me and told me to come, everything is ready. We have always been close, we’ve had a free ride.

Dmitry on the balcony has created a this office, where they laid a table and a refrigerator. There he played guitar, wrote music and drew food from the fridge, playing chess. That is, all that is needed for happiness was close.

How did Maidan for Dmitry? What role has it played for him?

He came to the Maidan, supported people. Especially scary was when there were executions of people. In these days he went by himself and didn’t take me with you. Remember that on 20 February in the morning, Dmitry returned home tired, stinking of smoke.

Once back home, he saw a post ads. In which everyone was invited to join the “Right sector”. Dmitry read, lit up and said: you have to join them. It was in the spring. And in the summer, secretly from me, he started to agree to go to training camp “Desna”. I only found out the day before the trip. It was hard but we with mum have decided to support it.

After training center, he came to me at work and offered to sign, that is, to legalize our marriage. Oct 10, 2014 – we painted, people I got to work and went to war.

Author: Yana Sumy

Sumy Dmitry served as a volunteer in the division, which shall be detained in avdeevke of Donetsk region

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Told Dmitry in the war?

In the beginning he complained that they have bad stoves. The fighter with the Callsign “Triton”, something make. Ego was not satisfied with everyday problems. But enthusiastically talked about the volunteers, musicians, came to see him. Almost never talked about the war. Although, I heard in the phone when I told him how there was a shooting. Probably coast me.

It’s been two years, you could calm down?

Life goes on, but peace will never be. It is a loss forever. The soul hurts, is very Ego is not enough. When has passed 40 days after his death, he dreamed in troubled sleep. In a large house, on the second floor stood a long wooden table. There sat Dmitri without form and several men in uniform. I climbed the stairs and say “Dima, you said that we’re registered, why not get married?” He said, Though, let’s wait.

The first half of the year was terrible. I went to the cemetery to talk with him. Friends said to let go of all though, I’m not holding. We were too connected with each other. Dmitry, once again came to me in dreams. Presented two bouquet of roses: white and red. And then stopped coming.

I began to live only thanks to the good people Who helped me to survive. They collected money for the monument, helped with the preparation of the documents, listened to my regrets and cries in telephone conversations.

Author: Yana Sumy

Wife Jana Sumi carries a photograph of the deceased men during a funeral on Independence square in Central Kiev

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More about “the Shaman” knew his mother-in-law, Tamara, with whom he could share some memories. And she decided to tell a few of them.

The first rotation of Dmitry on the war is the village of Sands. It was during the fighting for the Donetsk airport. Then he came home, but could not be here. One came up to me and said she wants to get back to the war. And asked about my attitude to it. I found it very hard to survive his first outing, but I said I would support him. Dima smiled and just thanked them.

In the last month, March 2017, we hardly spoke. Was absolutely poor communication. But Dmitri got a call from an unknown number on my birthday. Was cheerful, greeted me. I asked him when he will return. He replied: “Soon, very soon.” More calls Already had. And Dmitry did return, but in a coffin.


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