Djokovic: “I’m sure Nadal will play many more matches against each other”

Novak Djokovic/ photo –

The winner of the Australian Open in 2019 Novak Djokovic at the post-match press conference after victory against Rafael Nadal expressed the opinion that the confrontation with the Spaniard helps him to improve. Serb is quoted by the official website of the tournament.

“We’re both on the way to finals and played very well. Were confident, that we will have a chance. For me it was more important shock to start with the right attitude and intensity, giving him to understand that I’m in. Because he always behaves so that the opponent felt his presence. So his manner. He’s always focused, very energetic, jumping, doing sprints.

So you first goal, feel like you’re gonna have a hard time with them. I saw his matches. Saw what he added to the flow, is on top of what he already owns. So it is very important to make an early break – that was my ideal scenario. When I won the set, relaxed, stopped worrying. After that, everything went like clockwork.

Sure we have plenty of matches will play against each other on different surfaces. I hope so, because this is my most fundamental rivalry and the biggest influence in my life both in personal terms and professional.”

What we can say for sure: we’re both going to improve, no matter what happens”.

Earlier, the Serbian tennis player spoke about the chance to get the calendar Slam in 2019.

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