Dissenters: as a failed revolution 5 Nov 2017

The interior Ministry reported more than three hundred detained for “attempt of organizing mass disorder”, and about 100 people were arrested on the eve of the day that the blogger-nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev was appointed on 5 November. However, as it turned out, some remained at large. I talked to one of the active supporters Maltsev.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Starting in 2013, in almost every edition of his video blog “Barrage” Maltsev said that the revolution in Russia will happen November 5, 2017 because it is a “deadline, when all will ripen”. In the end the talks in Russia were accused of extremism, and he was forced to go abroad. But also from France Maltsev called on his supporters to this day, to go in the centers of cities.

In their rhetoric Maltsev exploited the nationalist idea and called himself a national-Democrat, but, according to the actual participants in the nationalist movement, the attitude towards them was very conditional. According to one of the leaders of the nationalists, who is now also in the political emigration, Yuri Gorsky, Maltsev rather Marxist-Leninist. According to Gorsky, he supported the idea Maltsev, when it is presented in a completely different form. It was about that Maltsev elected to Parliament, 5 November impeached the incumbent President.

However, when highland stood with picket calling for impeachment in these Maltsev dates near the building of the state Duma, the author of the idea was in indignation — apparently, even then he knew that the Duma will not pass.

By the way, one of the versions of the failed revolution of Mal is that he was a provocateur, acting on behalf of the security services. The logic of the adherents of this version are clear: the nationalists — some of the most radical members of the opposition movement, and to calculate and neutralize them, the protest will be much more innocuous. That is what, according to the supporters of the “conspiracy theory”, and hoped Maltsev and its alleged supervisors in the agencies. On the eve of “Russian March” a number of supporters of the nationalist turn in Russian policy, were detained. According to Gorsky, some of them to Maltsev has not the slightest relationship.

“Dmitry Shakin, Anton Smirnov, Alexander Gruzinov and Valentin Alekseev — all of them prominent members of the nationalist movement, he says. And “thanks” Maltsev them can involve not just the extremism, and the formation of terrorist groups”.

On the question of the relationship Maltsev with the FSB Gorsky said that to throw such accusations are not ready, in addition, personally, he had “informants of the bodies, which could confirm such speculation, no”. He called Maltsev “calopogonium”, who decided to make a “pajama revolution.” Largely Gorsky rights: to channel the nationalist-run was signed by tens of thousands of people, and at the Manege 5 November released a few hundred.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

I managed to contact one of the members of the “Mal revolution”, he narrowly escaped detention and is very angry at his “leader”.

— Why are you out now?

I don’t believe in their “happiness.” The fact that I was involved in this story along with his close friend. I came to his house and we went to the Network from one device, it was a tablet with downloaded to it by Telegram. We planned to destroy our device, if this story escalates.

— What eventually happened?

— Yes, I spoke about the details of the interrogation, in General, apparently, they “fired” the entire conversation, but didn’t know what was in it two.

— What have you been cooking?

— Specifically we were going to blow up the building of the CEC. It was going to happen in the night of 4 to 5 November. Except the two of us to CEC had to fit about a dozen people.

What did you achieve?

We were sure that he had 500 supporters, and at least 50 thousand, we (Maltsev. — A. R.) believed. I’m 22, my 21 colleague, we want the return of the 90s. Then people had a choice.

— Maltsev has positioned itself as a nationalist, and you nationalists?

Ha, are you kidding? My mother is Kazakh, Jewish father. We are for new life. Maltsev in his paddock, we watched as the means for the realization.

— There are civilized ways of protest…

— Tell you a secret: everyone who was in our movement, supported and Bulk. Consider Bulk — Lenin and Maltsev — Trotsky.

— What are going to do now?

— Go to my grandmother in Riga. Here to be scared.

A frame from the video

* * *

Detentions of activists of the banned in Russia movement “Barrage” was held this weekend across the country. As have informed in FSB of the Russian Federation counterintelligence in cooperation with the police stopped the activities of cells in Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Kazan, Samara and Saratov.

In the Moscow region the first blow to activists caused the investigators of the FSB, which on the eve of holidays spent detention of members of the movement, ready to throw on 4-5 November the resonance of extremist action. According to authorities, members of prohibited in Russia organizations were planning attacks on police and arson administrative buildings, to provoke riots. “In the course of events all the cell members are detained. Seized 15 bottles with an incendiary mix. Currently solves a question on excitation concerning the detained criminal case under article 30 and part 2 of article 205 of the Russian criminal code (Terrorist act),” reads the website of the FSB. The Ministry said that in the interests of the investigation the data about the detained persons are not disclosed.

The Moscow police at the weekend detained those “artpodgotovka”, which still decided to enter the stock, and judging by the seized arsenals, rallies were planned far from peaceful. In a capital Central Board of the MIA of Russia said that on 5 November in the Central part of the city’s police officers together with employees of Regardie was arrested and taken to the duty of departments of the MIA of Russia 302 people.

“During a search of the specified persons was discovered sharps, traumatic weapons, knuckle dusters, aerosol cans, gas irritant, flammable liquids, masks, goggles, helmets, other protective gear, as well as attributes of the “Artillery preparation”, — said the interior Ministry.

Basically, the detention was carried out for disobeying police and violating the rules of demonstrations. In addition, 19 people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

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