Disgraced Dorn has been a pioneer at the charity flea market

Scandalous Ukrainian singer and musician Ivan Dorn together with his wards Constantine attended a charity flea market “Courage Bazaar”, which took place in Kiev.
However, he again scored, this time Dorn dressed up like a real pioneer: white pants, t-shirt with stripes, and added he is a red handkerchief.

We looked at the weather, the rain will end in 20 minutes. And after thirty minutes on stage will Mgzavrebi – we barely moved the concert to write a children’s song. By the way, you’re already listening to? #pokorim #karabasan #pomogayuschie #cosmochemistry
Does, polirani Courage Bazaar (@kurazhbazar) BLK 17, 2017 8:05 PDT

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Does, polirani Courage Bazaar (@kurazhbazar) BLK 17, 2017 6:20 PDT

Dorn also talked with the participants of the event and took selfies with everyone.

Yes, this Charity Courage the Bazaar was rain. It only lasted about an hour and the only thing that for a moment brought us into confusion. Just a minute, because otherwise there are not enough words to convey how wonderful it was. The most different and unlike the children found a common language, laughed and had fun, people were smiling and studied with interest all that we prepared for them this weekend @dorn_ivan and his label @masterskayalab child recorded the track together with all right around the time the Courage of the Market – you should have seen the faces of little kuristu, they were happy
Does, polirani Courage Bazaar (@kurazhbazar) BLK 17, 2017 on 1:33 PDT

Greetings to you from the good Courage of the Bazaar Now Let this day begin with children’s songs recorded yesterday during just. Will korazim from 11:00 to 23:00. Today it is no accident we celebrate fathers Day under the improvised concert of The SHU: the father and the son Surovyh closer to 18:00, and this time Blagotvoritelnaya Bazaar: flea market with 370 th sellers of old and new things, star alley: Anna Zavalska, Garik Korogodsky, Dasha Malakhova, the group Real O, Anton Friedland, Yasya Khomenko, Dima Glushchak and Ekaterina Omelchenko, Dmitry Stupka, rose al-Namri, Anna Balint, Mr deer, yova Yager, Svetlana Panayotidi, group 5 Vymir, Marina cher, Yana Altukhova, Julia, Hope Zamula. Kingdom kids – Disneyland, will work in non-stop mode. Here are more of the 26 types of children’s entertainment. There are some adults – to watch movies, to marry, to do a massage or sing karaoke at any time. Parallel to dance at the party in the middle of the flea market under DJ sets 16:00 – Katro Zauber, 14:00 – Anton Ptushkin and 12:00 – Dmitry Dir, listening to jazz 14:00-Natasha Yoshimoto, 15:30-Groovin’Hight, 17:00 – reFUNKtion, look at the food court and in the street bars and visit the coterie of York after 17:00, to celebrate the Courage of sunset with Timo and complete the weekend after 21:00 under wayby Oleksandr Pantileev. In the “Workshop Inclusion” program: 12.00-13.00 How to know when nothing is clear. Speech problems, horrible letters and people who have it all can change wick Goncharenko 13.00-14.00 How many hugs a day you need a person with autism, than to drink yellow food and map manholes in your area Olga shishlova 14.00-15.00 No Drama Mama from the drama to make it my life. And what if your child does not fit any one of the standards? Yelena Vedernikova 16.00-17.00 Dream do blind people dream? Teach to cross the road with your eyes closed, draw a portrait of a friend, who had never seen, learn everything you wanted to know about the world of blind people Olesya Yaskevich 17.00-18.00 When it is necessary to ask your child to tell you about sex? Where to start and how to hide this conversation from her grandmother? Olga Rudneva is a Good day. See you soon! Courage Bazaar takes place at Belomorskaya 1A, the Platform of the Art plant.
Does, polirani Courage Bazaar (@kurazhbazar) Jun 18, 2017 12:50 PDT

Add that in addition to Ivan, the flea market was also attended by Jamal, ONUKA, Svetlana Volnova, Dmitry Shurov with his son Leo, a well-known teleseminar Dasha Malakhova and others.

THE SHU – it’s about love of the son and the father I
Does, polirani Courage Bazaar (@kurazhbazar) BLK 18, 2017 on 10:02 PDT

Photo with all the star guests he published “Courage Bazaar” in his Instagram.

And anything that right now in the pavilion flea market Jamala sells your stuff? That’s Courage Charity Bazaar #cosmochemistry #pomogayuschie #karabasan #pokorim
Does, polirani Courage Bazaar (@kurazhbazar) BLK 17, 2017, 8:14 PDT

By the way, for celebrities have given a separate star alley, where they sold their clothes, food, took pictures for the sake of raising money for children with impaired development.

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