Director of the Arena Lviv: about the problems of the stadium, the matches of the national team of Ukraine and the concert by sting

Recently of “arena Lviv” has announced a tender for the replacement of the lawn, which after the opening of the stadium has never been replaced. Acting Director of the arena Lviv Yuriy Mayboroda told about what will be the new cover, why change it now, how much money was allocated from the budget for the arena maintenance was able to reduce the debts of the stadium and what was the income in 2018.

– At the end of 2017, the Commission started to work on the “Arena Lviv”. What are the results?

– She meets regularly, discusses issues and offers solutions. Frankly, I draw attention to the decisions of the Commission, guided by them. But the more I think how practically to improve something based on the situation, which is today. I would say not so much about the work of the Commission, and on pragmatic issues of “Arena Lviv”. There are two components to my vision of the situation. The first is the strategic perspective, the second – immediate plans right now to implement. First, I made a strategic perspective. She was and is that you need to make the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on amendments to the construction project. To this I tied all the rest. But no longer do, because to accept it is very difficult (from a practical point of view).

Why you need to make changes in the construction project? The stadium cost almost $ 3 billion hryvnias commissioned about a third. Called the first place that it was possible to put into operation, and the rest is not finished, not finalized, partially paid. All of this second turn. And it weighs the whole project so that to enter the stadium in the unreal. So you need to make changes, to discard all that weighs on your project and what you can do, and then we continue to move confidently looking to the future.

For this you need to do an audit and construction expertise. But here arises a political question. If all this is done, then “come out” up many “bad” things and the authorities will open criminal cases. And there will be many consequences. Therefore, from a practical point of view, there is little chance that such a ruling will take.

If you get stuck, there is no reason to run the enterprise, because it is not visible prospects. Arena already built, it is a good European level. Sin would have been all over this economy to continue to deteriorate, and wait when everything will collapse. There are many components that threaten the stadium. We decided to make maximum effort to be in this situation stadium, to save and to rectify the situation. The team that works, somewhere believed in me, hoped. So “harnessed” as I can.

There are positive things. What are they expressed? Almost almost solved the financing of the project replacement of the lawn. This is a complex and very important issue. The price of 7 million. So it was declared during the announcement of the tender. Really need 8.5 million. But 7 million is provided in the budget of the Ministry, and they should be highlighted. The tender has been announced for the overhaul. If everything will happen as planned, and will not be force majeure issues, from 1 March we will begin work to replace the lawn. March 10 this work should be completed, ideally. We also managed to perform certain work on optimization of energy consumption. Invested and have the following situation: if last year in winter “arena Lviv” was consuming 8,000 kilowatts per day, now about 4 000. We halved the energy consumption, and all this money, and large.

There are still a number of things that at first glance is not so important. We make dividers for the turnstiles. When people come to the stadium, they help to avoid congestion. If the matches of the European competitions or concerts of “Okean Elzy”, when the great mass of the people, it is necessary that they were, because it is the safety of people. The dividers, set to Euro-2012, as a result of judicial processes we have to take. In fact, they already have not. Produce their own, and they are even better than those that were. There are other court decisions, which are the consequence of various manifestations of raider. In particular, kitchen equipment. We try to avoid loss of state property. Act within the law.

I think that within this year we will be able to align financial situation. Here we must thank the Ministry of youth and sports, which understood the economic situation, which turned out to arena Lviv, and at the end of the year we were allocated 2.5 million hryvnia on repayment of debts for heat consumption in previous periods. It is also very important and have improved the situation.

Strategic – changes in the decree – remains valid, and that, in the end, you will have to do. In principle, the Minister understands the need of such an order. But it must accept the Cabinet.

– Last year, Finance Minister danyluk flatly refused to allocate funds for the stadium. Whether the allocated funds after his resignation? Why the Ministry has allocated funds at the end of the year?

– Back when I worked on the post of the head of Department of sports of the Lviv regional state administration, proposed to the Ministry to make “Arena Lviv” in the list of bases for Olympic training. This proposal was accepted. This gave the opportunity to the Ministry to support the stadium.

What amount is it?

– About 300 thousand hryvnia, in some months the amount was at the level of 320-330 thousand. This year was provided 4.8 million. This support is essential. The redistribution of unspent funds was the direction where was the savings in the Ministry. In coordination with the Ministry of Finance transferred us $ 2.5 million.

– More funding is not received?

– Only those 300-320 thousand a month mentioned. They were going for energy. We have had the opportunity to purchase simulators. That was us on the status of the Olympic training base. We like the base, is provided that can be football, weightlifting and archery. We can conduct and organize competitions in archery, the arrows want. Was able to purchase for them billboards are a consumable item, in which they constantly need. Was provided about 620-630 thousand machines, and the same for shields. But failed because did not have time to conduct tender procedures.

– As provided for 2019?

– 4.8 million, which have already been discussed. Everything else we must earn ourselves.

7 million for a new lawn – where are they spelled out?

– The Ministry has been able to provide these funds in the budget. So I have confidence that we will receive them.

– Where are the hopes?

– There is support from the Minister Igor Zhdanov. Also, the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko interested, so we made a new lawn. Because the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko insists that the first home game of selection for Euro 2020, June 7, was held in Lviv. Although will still be risks because they can not immediately take root in the lawn. It is necessary not less than a month to root, and then watch.

– Over the past year and presented two different amounts of duty “Arena Lviv”. About 707 million said the Deputy head of the Lviv regional Council Volodymyr Hirniak. The amount of 417 million called Minister Igor Zhdanov. What is actually the amount of debt?

Is a virtual debt. They technically are, in fact, they have no GP “arena Lviv”. We gave them. The actual customer of the construction was SE “Zahidinvest”. In the first stage transferred the debt Arena Lviv. So they are behind us, but are our. Now this amount is 714,305 million. This amount and pay the penalty we pay the money, they are small. I am waiting when this debt we write off because we did not create it.

– At the second stage is also a virtual numbers?

First cost of 1,148 billion hryvnia, and the second phase is 1.85 billion. 334 million second phase underfunded. Therefore, the need to do an audit to determine what has been done and what is not. You need to check the quantity and quality of work performed. Cost to date (all amounts called for the construction cost of the Arena Lviv meets the dollar in 2012 Спорт24.), and why not finish. When I first started working, I learned that the audit will cost about 2 million. It seems, against these amounts in the billions is a small amount of money, and the Ministry could find them. But ran into politics.

– If the problem is solved of its own substations?

– I suggested the regional power to take on its balance sheet and used. But the head said that there are debts, and they are not interested. Perhaps they are interested, but the situation does not allow. This is a continuation of the problems I mentioned above. This substation has a capacity of 20 Megawatts and is able to provide two Sykhiv (sleeping area of the city where more than 200 thousand people. – Спорт24). She’s not commissioned and doesn’t belong to us, and therefore could not dispose of it yourself.

– How much income and expenses have been of “arena Lviv” in 2018?

– Now go the final count, prepare report for the year. Without depreciation (26% of fixed assets) of about 20 million UAH of expenditures and 20.5 million UAH of income (certainly not less). There is even a small plus.

– In one of your interviews You said that the cost of field maintenance is 50 thousand hryvnia per day…

Is something confused journalists. Now the heating field in bad weather, when the frost and snow, costs about 30 thousand hryvnia. 50-60 thousand – it could be the stadium “Ukraine”. They have electric heating and we have a special liquid. Its main to disperse, and then only to support that much cheaper. We have the best heating system. When I started to do the stadium, then also thought about using electricity, but it is very expensive.

– Why did you decide to lay artificial turf?

– Many of the media write, but it is not artificial turf, and hybrid. It is an artificial base made of synthetic and natural yarns. Its carpet, covered with a special soil and sow grass. Genuine string will rot and the grass that will grow, intertwine with the artificial and will last longer, less to deteriorate and become more sustainable. Care for grass, mowing the lawn – everything remains the same as it was. Just now is artificial based on the 3.5 cm Is the latest technology, which will be used at stadiums during the world Cup in Qatar. In Ukraine this field made “the miner” on the basis of Svyatoshino. There is a similar technology with synthetic thread, sewn when the lawn has been used for years, but it is three times more expensive and less effective.

– Maintenance cost of turf is reduced?

– Not much cheaper, because it contains the same way as all-natural field. This technology will make the lawn better and more sustainable, allowing for twice as many games than it was before. Thus can be based into two teams.

With clubs talking about installing a new lawn?

Our agronomist, Victor Knesek, very knowledgeable, who cares and worries about the lawn, consults constantly with the employees of Shakhtar due to the fact that they have already built such a field. And consulted whether to do that, the question arose, what to do.

– This is the third tender. Why the previous did not take place?

It is hard to say, I was not then. Now there is understanding and support from the Ministry. When I declared that the problems faced were that they did not know. Such coarse things as debt 2,5 million hryvnias for heat. For the Ministry it was the opening.

– The lawn will be not before March 10. And FC Lviv have to play a match in February. You spoke with him already about this situation?

– With none of the clubs have not talked about. Me too, no one asked. Even if asked, I always build work depending on the priorities. Now the priority is to replace the turf and allow the team to play him. This is the main challenge and it repelled. The duties that we have on the contracts we do here contracts no.

– With FC “Lviv” is the contract?

– We do not have them a permanent contract. Agree on each match separately.

Over time, your leadership was talking to FC “Karpaty” on the rent of the stadium?

– It was not. But for practical reasons, and “Karpaty” and FC “Lviv” it takes very little effort to sit down and negotiate together to use the stadium as a place of home games. The economic benefits are obvious. If they agree, it will be beneficial to all. They will in the cold period of the year when Karpaty need to spend 50-60 thousand hryvnia per day for heating a maximum of 20-30 and and divide by half.

– What will be the cost of renting the stadium in 2019 in one game?

– Telling me that the cost of one game was 250 thousand, but I made a stadium with the cost of 180 thousand hryvnias. Accordingly, in 2018, there was no reason to raise the price, because it has already been agreed. In 2019 we will be forced to raise the cost. The amount of 180 thousand UAH is economically unreasonable. How it will react? We find consensus, we need to survive. We also take 25% of the amount of tickets sold. We will offer and defend the bar 250 thousand UAH for the match. As for European matches, from 450 thousand. Less will not go down.

– How much income you bring GP non-football events?

– If not replace the lawn and the game national team of Ukraine, June 6, we planned a concert by sting. He will be in Poland and planning to come to Lviv. I had to refuse. But the idea is not buried. We could get an income of about 1.5-2 million. For an event with Nick Voicecam we received about 200 thousand. Last year in one concert was making 200-250 thousand UAH. For 2019 plan: if the stadium will be used by half (half bowl), 400-500 thousand UAH; if the whole stadium (full Cup), 1 million. We need to develop, not just survive.

– Lviv regional Council has not supported the appeal on the transfer of the stadium to the balance of the region. Do you negotiate on?

– I did not participate in previous negotiations and do not accept now. But my opinion and interested in the field and in the Ministry. My opinion was and remains unequivocal. Until the audit, I see no point in either of the region or the city or a private investor to take out a stadium in this state, when much is not resolved. There is a large plume of debt, so someone to take the arena is unwise. But when you get rid of debt, then the company will be interesting to all. And it will fight. Now we have to thank the government for what it has it keeps it and helps to stay afloat.

Journalist, TC “Football” reason for the postponement of the match from Arena Lviv at the NSC “Olympic” called the lack of Goal-Line Technology in the stadium…

That is not true. This system was installed. I don’t know why it started. A system is! A month and a half before the game was removed from the camera for prevention, but to install them is a high day.

Communicated Stanislav Bezushko

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