“Dinamo” – “Shakhtar”: online broadcast of the match

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“Dinamo” – “Shakhtar”


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Online broadcast of the Central match of the 26th round of the Premier League between Kiev “Dynamo” and Donetsk “Shakhtar”.

“Dynamo” 0:1 Shakhtar

Goal: Ferreira, 12


Kyiv, NSC “Olimpiyskiy”

Referee: Konstantin Trukhanov (Kharkiv)

45′ pantić was for a foul on Bernard but the referee gives a yellow and a free kick a little bad, and Kovalenko Rakitskiy missed.

42′ Shows a much greater desire Shakhtar to win today. The arbitrator until no cards for fouls.

40′ Dinamo have the ball, but can not give a scoring pass, because the Pitmen tight defense.

38′ Good defense, “miner” gives the home side to equalise, although the linesman and then captures caught offside at the gate Pyatova.

36′ And again a strike from Yarmolenko. Decided not to this time Andrew to score after the whistle.

34′ Garmash could not catch hold of the ball after a pass from partner, and Antunes broke the rules .

32′ Already the people of Kiev with the ball, but before impact does not reach. The attempted blow was weak.

30′ Srna foul on Garmash, but without a card cost and the referee appointed a penalty. Morozyuk shot above.

28′ Besedin again in a shot. A few seconds of calm in the mast, though that Shakhtar disperse a counterattack.

26′ Again includes the activity coming team. And Dynamo is really inferior to the opponent at speed.

24′ Much more “miner”. The home team in many situations do not have time for the opponent.

22′ Shakhtar possesses the ball lately, “Dynamo” can’t create a decent resistance. Yarmolenko gave transmission failed on Garmash.

20′ Dynamo is forced to fight back, and the ball from the opponent, but now both teams possess the ball.

18′ Dinamo ball and Besedin ended up in offside. But Pyatov cleared the ball for the opponents, but without the dangerous moments.

16′ Smith gave Bernard to score a second time, moving the ball to the corner. Played the Pitmen corner, but nobody picked up the ball.

14′ Dynamo starts all over again. Emboldened guests of the field and look much more dangerous now.

GOAL! Ferreira received a pass from Marlos and goalkeeper threw!

10′ Long ball from Pantic has not found a partner. Rebrov unhappy and the ball is the opponent, but not yet dangerous at the gates of Koval.

8′ Absolutely equal game today in Kiev. While it is difficult to distinguish, who can score a goal. While Dynamo looks harder.

6′ are Active for both teams. Faster, at first glance, the home team, but until the game is without a gate pass.

3′ Both teams possess the ball. Besedino and Garmash has prevented to open the account. Yarmolenko scored after fouls and after the whistle.

1′ Both teams look very good in the first minute. Yet without the advantages of any side.

The match is underway!

The national anthem of Ukraine at the NSC “Olympic”

Starting lineups:

Dynamo: Koval — View, Pantic, Kadar — Morozyuk, Sidorchuk, Shepelev, Antunes — Yarmolenko, Garmash — Besedin

Subs Not Used: Rudko, Ochigava, Tsygankov, Fishing, Korzun, Yaremchuk, Buyalsky

Shakhtar: Pyatov — Srna, Kucher, Rakitskiy, Ismaily, Stepanenko, Kovalenko, Marlos, Taison, Bernard Ferreira

Subs Not Used: Shevchenko, Butko, Kryvtsov, Malyshev, Patrick, Zubkov, Blanco Leshchuk

The words of the coaches:

Sergei Rebrov, the head coach of Dynamo:

“I am glad that our players are trying to bring back fans to the stadium. I hope that in the match the audience will see the desire to play football, which has appeared in recent games. It is seen that some guys came to life right before your eyes, things to give our best and enjoy it.

Changed the quality and intensity of play in the performance of individual players. Increased activity of the attack. And due to the larger number of players in defense, we prevented a lot of counter attacks on our goal. The psychology of the players just changed. Became more confident in their abilities”.

Shakhtar had time to walk around Kiev on the eve of the match:

“Dinamo” – “Shakhtar”: the walk of the miners before the match (Photo)Read more

Dynamo presented a motivational video to match:

As to the match prepared Shakhtar:

Preparation Of “Dynamo”:

The current format of the championship of Ukraine involves the fact that matches the highest level in the country is almost gone, except in the confrontation between Donetsk “Shakhtar” and Kiev “Dynamo”, which are very popular among the fans in the stadium and at the TV screens.

Shakhtar have long captured the lead in the championship of Ukraine of season 2016/17, “Dynamo” the same as in the previous years has to catch up with arch-rival, and last match between the teams in Kyiv, which could turn the tide of the championship, led to the dramatic lose of players Sergei Rebrov with the score 3:4.

Now teams like the roles were reversed: “Dynamo” went on the trending now the tactical scheme with three defenders and won a few matches, while Shakhtar before an internal fight of the leaders had quite sensationally losing to Chornomorets and defeat in the Derby “Olympic”.

On the other hand, the difference of 11 points still leaves questions on the subject of whether there is a recession in any of today’s teams. Even lost to “Shakhtar” one match, but the psychological mood of “miners” have to be special.

However, both teams need to win today: “Shakhtar” – to strengthen leadership and to close on the 10th championship, and Dynamo to somehow reduce the backlog and hope that in the next match, the Donetsk team will also fail, which is unlikely. Although the match could be pretty equal, and can end in a draw, which certainly will not suit absolutely anyone.

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