Did the innovations in the introductory campaign-2017

Almost freshmen. Opening campaign-2017 coming to an end. Higher education institutions have published lists of accepted applicants. So how did the innovations introduced this year the Ministry of education, for coming and really do they help?
Ratios – one of the innovations of this inaugural campaign. For applicants from the Ministry of education established the village of 1.02. Bal contrib multiplied by this number and get the final result for admission.
“First of all join those from the zone ATO, those without parents, orphans. But the benefits for those from town and those from the village as it is not very realized”, – said Bohdan Lyapunov entrant.
Benefits for students – it is a kind of compensation for the often poor quality education in rural schools, explain in the Ministry of education.
We understand that at the moment can not create equal access to quality education in the village. The rural rate should encourage and support the children of this area, – said the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych.
The idea of the odds approve and experts. However, note that the benefits are insignificant. Therefore, the applicant-ignorant such a gift will not help. The coefficient will be save only when the account goes on points.
Benefits, experts say, can only be a temporary measure until a quality education in the rural schools will not be available.


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