Detained the leader of the bandits who robbed jewelry stores in 2016-2018: details of the operation

Four months the police of the Kherson region was hunting a gang of raiders at jewelry stores. The criminals robbed more than 5 million U.S. dollars. While it was succeeded to detain the organizer of the groups involved in 18 attacks.

The man was hiding professionally used the means of conspiracy and changed his appearance, said the first Deputy head of the criminal investigation Department of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Prudchenko.

The grouping was five. They attacked the jewelry stores in 2016 – 2018 in the nine areas of Ukraine: Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Khmelnytskyi.

Criminals disguised as police officers

To apprehend the intruders, police have conducted a special operation – blocked streets in the area where the suspects were. But civilian vehicles were in the area of fire and then, in order to prevent casualties, KORD did not shoot. And no wonder: while in the car the bandits had 5 machine guns, a grenade launcher and grenades. Therefore, members of the gang managed to escape.

Criminals also used masks-balaclavas, which have changed the appearance

During searches at the locations of suspects police seized a submachine gun “Scorpion” sub-machine guns and other firearms. Seized and BMW X6, already equipped for the next crime mod and speaker. That is, in “the story” following the robbery, the intruders were going to impersonate security forces.

It was clear that these people are well aware of our forms and methods of work. Used professional methods of conspiracy. Therefore, we did not expect that finding them would be easy,
– said Sergey Prudchenko.

Criminal group acted very aggressively. For example, in the Vinnytsia region the robbers attacked a jewellery shop in the city day, stole 5 kilograms of gold, and while the call went to the police – for the quarter from the first store robbed second. And when the police called the second store, the criminals attacked the third store – also for a quarter from the previous one. Well, worked out, investing in 2 minutes.

To identify the suspect it was possible, except that, in the eyes

The bandits used the element of surprise: went to the store in the form of law enforcement. So victims do not have time to press the panic button. Had and psychological pressure, shot showcase from the machines and threatened the staff.

The armed bandits was a professional

Criminals were always ready for active resistance to law enforcement officers: in itself, in addition to weapons, modern means and devices for treatment of bullet wounds.

With this gun, the leader of the group tried to escape during detention

Finally in July 2019, the police detained the organizer of the gang: this is a previously convicted 35-year-old resident of the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area. He used professional tools of the conspiracy, changed the lifestyle and appearance, but this has not helped.

In the house of the leader of the attackers, during a search found a lot of specifics

CORD surrounded a private house in Pervomaisk. The assault began at 4 am. Militiamen knew that the territory has a fighting dog, and the house – children and women. Therefore instigated the escape attempt of a suspect through the weakest spot of the house – window to backyard. There is a criminal and jumped from the combat pistol Glock 17 – right cord in his hands.

In the car, the criminals had 5 machine guns, a grenade launcher and grenades

During a search of the house police found the weapon, a device to jam the signal, walkie-talkies, silicone masks-balaclavas (they completely change a person’s face), and the like.

It’s interesting that the stolen gold in a circle of jewellers and expenses. That is, they guessed the origin, for example, 11 pounds of jewelry that they brought,
said Prudchenko.

Accusing the man of violating the laws described in the seven articles of the Criminal code.

Criminals had a station, which suppresses the radio signal

Threatens till 15 years of imprisonment or life.

Four more members of the group are wanted. But that detainee played a major role – looking targets, develop plans, handed out roles, was involved in the selection of transport. Was the brains. Others are not so dangerous,
summed up Prudchenko.

Now the detained is the leader of the group the measure of restraint – 60 days in jail without the right of bail.

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