Designers “Retrofest” told about the clothes, does not lose relevance

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Designer Maria Kachenko dressed in the style of “Garcon”, which was popular after World war II. These hats are now back in Vogue, says the designer.

May 22 in Kiev was held the first press conference of the organizers of the IV International festival “Retrofest”. The presentation of the event took place in the “Ukrainian news”. The organizers and members of the organizing Committee told about the main retratando that await the participants of the festival, which will take place 7-9 June in Kamianets-Podilskyi.

This year the festival will be held on the catwalk in styles from different eras. The organizers are planning to make a historical reconstruction of clothes free of the twenties, the Bohemian geometry of the thirties, forties ingenuity, feminine, fifties, sixties bold and diverse palette of the seventies.

“This fashion show will not be specific canons. Any person will be able to try on Petrobras and feel of a particular era,” says Maria Kachenko

Designers choose to display retrocedido also through its uniqueness: it never gets old and always remains outside of time. Things go down in history and will be relevant in any period.

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“Any of the canons or rules of how to dress in retro style there is, says designer Maria Kachenko. – If the person is interested in vintage culture, then suggest to start with a story. Worth to read about it, see pictures or movies. When a person is inspired by it, understands what you like more, then you can go to a vintage shop or flea market and try to find these things there.”

According to her, now at the peak of popularity is the style Garcon. He was born when women after the first world war were emancipated.

“They began to do men’s things and wear their costumes. Now women who wear men’s suits is stylish and not lose femininity, she says. For example, I am Luk 20 years. Such clothing was worn early in the century. However on the street you can find a lot of girls who wear the same hats boater. Now they are in trend, although it has been nearly 100 years since, when it was in fashion”.

We will remind, this year will be the fourth “Retrofest”. The event will bring together dozens of vintage cars, there will also be a cooking competition “Grandma’s pancake recipe”. The event will feature the band “Numer 482”, “What” and the singer Marietta Weiss.


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