Democrats and Republicans disagree on open government

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Democrats and Republicans disagree on open government


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The Senate is expected to consider the proposals of trump, which, according to Democrats, are no-go option

The partial suspension of the work of the U.S. government (“shutdown”) lasts thirty-first day. The Republican leader in the Senate is preparing to vote on the proposal, which President Donald trump calls a compromise, and the leaders of the Democrats – no-go option.

The trump plan provides three-year protection from deportation for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are illegally brought into the country as children, as well as the extension of protective status for people who fled their country due to violence or natural disasters. In exchange, he wants to 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

Democrats reject the idea of the wall as an ineffective and costly solution. They want to trump and the Republicans agree to reopen the government and only after that to discuss other initiatives to ensure border security.

The Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell said that he plans to make trump’s offer to a vote in the coming days, although its approval will need a few votes from Democrats.

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said it plans to bring to a vote this week, the issues about increasing the number of immigration judges and the allocation of money for devices to scan vehicles to detect drugs at border crossing points across the border.

The house of representatives already has approved numerous measures to reopen the government, but McConnell refused to submit them for consideration in the Senate, saying that he will not consider any bill that would not support trump.

While the shutdown continues, about 800 thousand government employees are on leave without pay or continue work without receiving payment.

“Nancy Pelosi and some Democrats rejected my last offer before my speech. They do not see crime and drugs, they see only in 2020, [the presidential elections], they will not win. The best economy! – trump wrote on Twitter. They should do the right thing, and allow people to get back to work”.

He later called public servants, working without pay, “the great patriots”.

Pelosi used his position to re-convey to trump Democrats ‘ position.

“800 thousands of Americans have to live without a salary, – she wrote in Twitter on Sunday. – Open the government, allow workers to receive their salaries, and then we can discuss how we can unite to protect the borders.”

Congresswoman Democrat Nita Lowey, Chairman of the house Committee on appropriations, said that “simply no reason” to continue the shutdown, while the part of “occupied a complex political discussion.”

“Protecting “dreamers” and those with temporary protective status – it is correct. It is incorrect that the President holds them hostage, demanding money on expensive wall, despite the fact that they could be spent on more effective measures to strengthen border security. The President’s proposal, temporary protection for some immigrants in exchange for meaningless wall on the border is unacceptable,” said Lowe.

Conservative critics of the plan trump say protection from deportation is tantamount to Amnesty for lawbreakers.

However, trump tweeted: “No, Amnesty is not part of my proposal… Amnesty will only be used as part of a larger agreement, whether by immigration or something else. Similarly, there will be no large-scale attempts to expel 11 million-plus people who are in the country illegally, but be careful, Nancy!”

The Republicans have the majority, with 53 seats in the 100-seat Senate, but for the approval of major bills almost always require a majority of 60 votes. It is unclear whether trump to convince at least seven Democrats to support his proposal.

Even if the Senate approves the plan of trump, he’ll probably be defeated in the House of representatives. However, the winning trump in the Senate could lead to new talks on its plan for the construction of the wall and the cessation of “shutdown”, while sent on leave Federal employees may not receive a second salary the following Friday.

In connection with the continued tensions around the construction of the wall and “shutdown”, Pelosi has demanded that trump moved the report Of the “state of Affairs in the country”, with whom he was to speak on January 29 joint meeting of both chambers of Congress on a different date after the resumption of work of the government. She offered to submit a report to Congress in written form or to speak with him in the White house. In turn, trump has postponed her trip to Afghanistan, where she and other congressional leaders were to meet with American troops with the purpose of acquaintance with the situation.

Trump did not give a direct answer to her appeal to postpone the appeal “On the situation in the country,” to complete “shutdown”.

However, on Sunday he said: “Nancy, I’m still thinking about the performance, “About the situation in the country.” Here there are so many options, including those set forth in Your written proposal (to speak during the “shutdown” safety is not a problem) and my written consent. Although the contract is the contract, I will contact you soon!”

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