Defeated ecological garbage containers

Unknown vandals in Kiev mocked the special containers for batteries and mercury thermometers.

“Recently, at the Alisher Navoi street, 69 was held on the infamous case,” writes on Wednesday, January 23, the press service of Caucasuswas.

Reportedly, the unknown damaged a container for hazardous waste and seized from him used batteries, mercury thermometers and lamps.

“Shame on the vandals who still do not think about their own lives and the health of others!” shocked the utility.

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The company stressed that this does not happen for the first time and added some photos of other acts of vandalism. In comments to the post one lady also reported a case of vandalism.

Photo: KP “Kievteploenergo”

The capital has set up 139 points for the collection of hazardous waste, in particular light bulbs, batteries, mercury thermometers. Pots were placed in 8 districts of Kiev, a few in Obukhiv. More in the Dnieper – Desna 22 – 9 districts.


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