Decided all participants of the Final four of the Cup of Ukraine on basketball

On Saturday, January 5, they played three matches in the response of the quarter-finals of the Ukrainian Cup. Then was determined the teams that will play in the Final four.

Chemist – Polytechnic 90:76 (25:20, 20:20, 24:18, 21:18)
The first match-72:87

“Chemist” in this match we had to win with a margin of 16 points or more to reach the Final four. And yuzhnensky the team was close to it. In the beginning of the fourth quarter the difference in score was +11. And already after 4 minutes after 6 consecutive points from Ryabchuk “Chemist” came out on the winning 16-point distance. Timeout Koval was not able to stop the run by the home team that lost by 20 points.

Despite the bad cut on both ends of the floor, Kharkiv team managed to get out of the psychological pit in which seemingly turned out to be: three-point Roczniak and endan Cromer again threw the “Chemist” to “+14”. Pavlov after the transfer from Edwin is back on “the Chemist” the essential difference, leaving the guests time to full-attack, which was the last scoring in this match. 5 Sidorov received a personal foul for too many team and sent Kozlov to the free-throw line sniper, Kharkiv was twice accurate.

The yuzhnenets had 10 seconds to answer: Edwin climbed in “paint” to solve an episode independently, but his shot in the passage was inaccurate. “Khimik” won the match 90:76, but lost the battle, the hosts have had 2 points

Kiev-Basket – Cherkasy Monkeys 76:69 (26:16, 20:22, 13:11, 17:20 )
The first game 91:109

Team Maxim Michelson lost in Kiev, however, due to the advantage obtained in the home game, still made it to the next stage of the competition.

However, “Kyiv-basket” has filed an appeal against the outcome of the match. The reason for the protest was the episode when in the second period on the court the team of Cherkasy with a larger number of foreign players (players with the license “B”) than that provided by the rules of the competition.

The protest in the near future will consider the Directorate of the Championship of Ukraine.

Dnepr Zaporozhye 103:86 (15:25, 42:18, 14:21, 32:22)
The first match-73:70

“Dnepr” take “Kiev”, having a 3 point advantage after victory in the first round of the confrontation. Guests started the match, taking advantage of already familiar to the bad season start playing in “Dnipro”. But in the second quarter 10 points advantage guests melted in her eyes, “Dnepr” had a fantastic segment, gaining over a quarter of 42 points.

In the third quarter the visitors managed to make just a hint of the return of the intrigue, but in the final quarter “Dnepr” has regained a comfortable lead and brought the match to a confident victory. The hosts surpassed the team of Valeriy Plekhanov in all respects, and brought the match to a logical victory – 103:86. “Dnepr” will continue his title defense in the Final four.

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