Dead Georgian actor Nodar Mgaloblishvili’s biography and filmography

On Tuesday, March 26, died Georgian actor Nodar Mgaloblishvili, who was known for his role as Cagliostro in the movie “Formula of love”, released in 1984. The actor died in Tbilisi at the age of 87 years. It is known that in recent months, the actor was seriously ill. When the funeral is yet unknown.

Biography of the actor

The actor was born July 15, 1931 in Tbilisi, in a poor family. He was raised by mother because father went to the front, he returned seriously ill and died shortly afterwards. He had a wonderful voice and was dreaming about the Opera career of the tenor, but for some reason, lost his voice. From despair Nodar entered the theater, thinking that would be a singer when the voice returns. The voice then returned, but singer Nodar did not already fell in love with theatre.

Filmography of the actor

In the movie, the actor first appeared in 1958. Mgaloblishvili has played in films “Retribution”, “Second”, “confessions of a don Juan”, “named Baron”, “Cathal” and others. In the early 2000-ies Nodar Mgaloblishvili participated in the filming of the TV series “Spetsnaz”. During his 60-year career, the actor starred in more than 35 paintings.

Frame from the film “named Baron”

The audience actor especially remembered as the count of Cagliostro, a role which he fulfilled in a remarkable tragicomedy by Mark Zakharov, “Formula of love”. This Soviet feature film screenplay by Grigory Gorin, released in 1984 by the film Studio “Mosfilm”.

Wife Mgaloblishvili died. The actor always remembered her with love and tenderness. The couple met in 1955, when Nodar composed concert brigades traveled to rural clubs with performances. The young couple met all summer.

According to Nodar, he didn’t know her address in Tbilisi. So every day went to the Rustaveli Avenue in the hope of seeing his beloved. A momentous meeting took place in September, and since then the couple parted. In July 1956 the couple legalized their relationship, and a year later they had a son. More children they had. It is known that the actor has two grandchildren.

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