Dead George Romero, the Creator of the cult movies about zombies

Photo: AmericaRU.com

At the age of 77 years is dead Director George A. Romero (George A. Romero), the author of the legendary film on the theme of zombies, “night of the living dead”.

In 1968 Romero pestered studios to film a horror movie. Nobody was interested, but he managed to find 114 of thousands of dollars to shoot their project. And although critics criticized the film, the audience was hypnotized – the cinemas were bursting with crowds wanting to watch “night of the living dead”. Cash amounted to millions of dollars, and Romero became the father of a whole film genre – films about zombies. His influence can be traced until today, including the popular series “the Walking dead”.

Romero has directed and other movies about zombies, “Dawn of the dead” (1978), day of the dead (1985), “land of the dead” (2005) and others.

Romero died Sunday in her sleep after a “short but aggressive battle with lung cancer”, according to the family statement.

“He took the image of zombies, which until then had been rooted in the Caribbean and turned it into a metaphor for all kinds of things in American culture,” said Leo Braudys, Professor, University of South Carolina.

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