Darya DOMRACHEVA: “Holidays have become more”

Darya Domracheva. Photo: Reuters

Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva, who is married to a Norwegian, OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, told about the peculiarities of life in an international family.

– Of course, the difference in the cultures of our countries, – quotes Domracheva shop.daryadomracheva.by. – That’s great – holidays became more.

We note the Belarusian and Norwegian holidays, and both respect the roots and cultures of each other.

The difference in mentality…. Here it is easier. We are both in early childhood in sport, and that sport instilled in us a Outlook on life.

Athletes easier to understand each other. The difference in mentality, I do not feel in the family, but, of course, between the peoples of our countries in some issues it is.

– What language is spoken in your family?

Our family speak three languages: that Russian, Norwegian and English.

– Are your family the Belarusian and Norwegian national dish? What?

Sometimes we fry the Belarusian draniki, pancakes, different ways of preparing Norwegian fish. Saturdays eating traditional Norwegian rice porridge with cinnamon.

But in General, the kitchen of our family can be called international. In our diet there are dishes of different countries, and it is not only Norway and Belarus

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