Daring shot a police officer in Kharkiv: Abroskin told new details about the victim

The victim of an armed attack in Kharkiv the officer of the criminal Department of the national police was established involved the murder of a former member of the ATO Vitaly “Sarmatian” Oleshko.

This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook.

24 channel wrote that on the morning of 16 January in Kharkiv, two unknown persons made an armed attack on the officer of the criminal investigation Department of the National police. In the result he received severe wounds.

Vyacheslav Abroskin said that the injured officer was investigating the actions of a dangerous criminal gang.

The last time he and his staff actively worked towards the establishment of all persons involved in the murder of a former member of the ATO Vitaly Oleshko, and also documented a dangerous criminal group with corrupt long-term relationships, the members of which lived on the territory of the Kharkiv region, and the robberies and burglaries committed in various regions of our country,
– he wrote.

Chairman of national police also noted that Kharkiv doctors “do everything possible” to rescue the officer. By the way, for the installation of attacking personalities and their detention, the police introduced a plan “Siren”.

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