Dancing with the stars 2018: who was the winner of the Grand super final (Video)

Dancing with the stars 2018: who was the winner of the Grand super final (Video)
09:19 Today, the Telegraph Photo: Instagram news of show business November 25, he released the latest edition of the main dance show “dancing with the stars”.

Sunday, November 25, was held the Grand final of the show “Dancing with the stars.” Viewers were able to watch the three couples fight for the victory in the project. Participants must make three rooms: a dance with the first broadcast, the dance that is most like the viewers and, of course, dance for the victory. Participants judged in the Grand final unchanged judge Dmitry Montik, Kateryna Kuhar and Vlad Yama. But as this is a Grand super final project, we were in for many surprises. Judges joined the first champion of the show “dancing with the stars” Vladimir Zelensky.

Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zayats again pleased the audience with a hot Paso Doble to the song Sade – “Love Is Found” . And received the highest praise from a judge of the show in the form of 40 points.

Lesya Nikityuk and Max Ezhov was again surprised by the energetic, street-funk song Loboda – Superstar. This time the judges were not as supportive and decided that 32 points would be enough.

The dark horse project Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva first danced the Jive to the song of the group VV – Dances. And I got 39 points for his speech.

Also in the show was a lot of surprises. Their performances pleased us, the popular singer and judge of project MONATIK, the stars of the project “Golos Krainy” Faith Cecelia and Roman Duda duet, Vlad Karashchuk (LAUD), singer INGRET and invited the world-famous Swiss team DOWNLOAD.

The second phase began with the much loved freestyle Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zayats.

Best dance Lesya Nikityuk and max Yezhov was the audience who chose the Viennese waltz to the song “blackthorn flowers”.

But Igor Swallow again surprised by the judge and the audience in the role of Charlie Chaplin. This dance was the best performance of this pair.

Also on the floor again, the first winner of the show, Alena Shoptenko, which brought victory to Vladimir Zelensky.

The struggle for victory was very bright and hot. Irakli Makatsaria promised to dance Georgian national dance, thought that it would be unfair to the other contestants, because they will perform the fusion. So surprised a couple of Irakli And Yana tender waltz to the song John Legend – All of Me.

A popular favorite Lesya Nikityuk and Max Ezhov pleased with the last energetic dance to the song “Pidmanula, pidvela”.

Comedian Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva also chose fiery dance and was very surprised by the judge and the audience od the song Bob Sinclar – Rock this Party.

After the performance all the audience with feelings were waiting for show results. Audience voting third place went to burning Georgian Irakli Makatsaria and his equally burning partner Yana Zayats.

The main contenders for victory became Lesya Nikityuk and Igor Lastochkin. All were eagerly waiting for the announcement of the results.

Had not enough spectator support Les nikitiuk and max Yezhov, who took second place.

But the new legend of the second season of the renewed “Dancing with the stars” was Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva. The pair won the Cup, which fought hard and a certificate for a year’s supply of chocolate.

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