“Dancing with the stars 2018”: who became the winner of the dance finalists

Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva won the final show of “dancing with the stars 2018”. Photo – screenshot

Sunday, November 25, was held the Grand final of the show “dancing with the stars” on channel “1+1”.

Finalists Lesya Nikityuk and Max Ezhov, Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zayats, Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva danced at the 3 dance. Two of them, the audience has already seen on the air: this is the first room and a bright star performances for the whole season. The third dance was the room-surprise, in which a pair showed all their newly acquired dancing skills and revealed personal stories that viewers haven’t heard.

The final winner was the couple that scored the highest number of points in the sum of evaluations of judges and audience voting. They were Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva.

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Second place went to Les nikitiuk and Max Ezhov, third – Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zayats.

The new season of the dance show “dancing with the stars” kicked off on August 26. Ukrainian singers, TV stars, athletes under the guidance of the dancers studied and demonstrated their success. Their success was evaluated by Catherine Cook, Dmitry Montik and Vlad Yama.


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