Dancing with the stars 2018: participants of the second season of dance show

Season 2 of “Dancing with the stars” in 2018 has already started! Already known all of the celebrities and professional dancers that have made them a couple. The material gathered for you information about all the participants of season 2 of the show “dancing with the stars” in 2018, which will compete for the victory, and also about the participants, who had already left the show.

The new season of the show “dancing with the stars” 2018 has traditionally started with #танціззіркамиchallenge. The participants of the show one after another published a dance video and passed the call to another party. As a result, the challenge and formed a complete list of participants shows who will compete on the floor already this season.

After the first show releases for the victory continue to compete with Georgian businessman and producer Irakli Makatsaria, the Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, the world famous boxer and title holder of world champion lightweight champion Denis Berinchyk and master of sports in sport aerobics and coach Anita Lutsenko, humorist Igor Lastochkin, actor Pavel Vishnyakov, singer Michelle Andrade, TV host and restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko, the singer Lesya Nikityuk, TV presenter Oksana Marchenko, as well as host Ruslan Senichkin.

The show has already left but Kaminska and singer Zlata ognevich. Kaminska this season never went to the floor due to injury, so after the second issue it was disqualified, the singer promised to return next season. In the third edition of the show left the singer Pavlo Zibrov.

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars”

Irakli MakatsariaI

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Irakli Makatsaria and Jan Hare

Georgian businessman and producer Irakli Makatsaria became the first member of the show “dancing with the stars 2018”. Partner the most eligible bachelor of the country was John Hare.

Makatsaria is the founder of the first company which started to cooperate with the Bollywood. In 2013, the year Irakli founded the production company Maq Entertainment. It opened Georgia for filming movies and commercials for the Indian market. More than 15 years of Irakli lives in Tbilisi, but travels a lot for work. In particular, Makatsaria spends a lot of time in Ukraine. He was a member of the Ukrainian show “the Bachelor 6”.


Does, polirani Irakli Makatsaria (@maqatsa) 26 Sir R. 2018 11:41 PDT

A hot, eligible bachelor officially declared that very much wants to find her soul mate and is ready to become a loving dad. After all, with the winner of the show “the Bachelor 6” Irakli relationships torn.


Does, polirani Irakli Makatsaria (@maqatsa) 2 Ver R. 2018 11:23 PDT

The businessman already have experience of participation in such a show in 2017, he became a member of the Georgian version of the show “dancing with the stars” and even reached the finals and took second place.

Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – statement of Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zaets


Gori Swallow

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Igor Swallow and Ilona Gvozdeva

Anita Lutsenko handed #танціззіркамиchallenge humorist and trainer League of laughter Igor Lastochkin, and he courageously accepted the challenge! His dance partner was Ilona Gvozdeva.

Igor Lastochkin was born in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. After school the boy entered the National metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, in the Dnieper river. At first Igor was going to work in the oil industry, but then I realized that it was not his calling. Despite this, Igor received a diploma and began a career in KVN.


Does, polirani ilonagvozdeva (@ilonagvozdeva) 2 Ver R. 2018 12:39 PDT

At first Igor has played for two of the Dnepropetrovsk team. Subsequently, he was offered to become a captain. On account of the humorist also the role in the popular Comedy series “our Country”, “Tales”, “Hotel Galicia”.


Does, polirani Igor (@lastochkin_igor) 31 Sir R. 2018 11:06 PDT

In 2015, Igor Lastochkin became coach of the show “the League of laughter.” In the second season of the project, swallow was the winner. A year later Igor with Yuri Gorbunov shared the first place of the third championship of Ukraine on humor “the League of Laughter”, and named debutant of the championship Cup. In 2016, Igor became a judge of the show “Laugh comedian”.

Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – the performance of Igor Lastochkin and Ilona hammer


Pavel Vishnyakov

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich

Partner of actor Paul Evdokimov became the charismatic Yulia sakhnevich. Ethnic Belarusian Pavel Vishnyakov has become a favorite for Ukrainian viewers. The actor played the main role in the TV series “Return of Mukhtar” and the “Opera experience.” In 2015, Pavel Vishnyakov decided to settle in Kiev and even admitted that he found his love.

But as for dancing, in the comments TSN the actor admitted that he has considerable practice, so his participation in the show will be a real challenge.


Does, polirani Vishnyakov Pavel (@vishniakov_pavel_) 28 Sir R. 2018 on 2:35 PDT

“My “dance career” it can be described well-known expression, “men don’t dance.” Of course, all the actors learn the basics of choreography in universities. Once I even played one of the main roles in the musical, where there were many dance performances. But still out on the parquet dance project – for me the challenge,” said Pavel Vishnyakov.

Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – the presentation of Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich


Lesya Nikityuk

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Les nikitiuk and Maxim Ezhov

TV presenter Les nikitiuk fighting for the victory with charismatic partner Maxim Yezhov. Before the second edition of Les injured his hand, but still went to the floor with a bandage that showed that serious to win.

For the first time about the Forest [Ukraine learned in 2009 when she, along with her friend Olga Panasenko began performing in “Hair show”. Two years later, two talented girls took part in the show “Laugh comedian”. They managed to laugh comedians on 50 000, then 20 000.


Does, polirani O. Maksim (@ezhov_maksim_) 27 Sir R. 2018 11:36 PDT

Then nikitiuk has become the leading program “heads and tails”, in which she sailed around the world. Also leading is the author of the program about show business, “Les-Zdesya” and the project “Around”. The inflammatory nature of leading and outstanding sense of humor – just decorate this season!

Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – statement Lesya Nikityuk and max Yezhov


The participants of season 2 of “dancing with the stars”, which left the show

Thank Kaminska

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Slava Didenko and Igor Kuzmenko

Participation in the show was to take the singer and the member of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, along with his partner Igor Kuzmenko, who was the winner last season.

However, during the preparation for the show, the singer injured his back and the doctors forbade her to go to the floor. The actress refused to participate in the first broadcast of “dancing with the stars 2018” due to the injury of the back. The doctors said that a celebrity can’t dance at least 10 days. However, the Glory Kaminska assured that will do everything possible to get out on the floor in the second edition of the show.


Does, polirani Babaslavka (@babaslavka) 25 Sir R. 2018 about 8:50 PDT

However, in the second issue of the pair went to the floor and, under the terms of the competition, they left the show. Kaminska promised that he is going to return next season.


Does, polirani Babaslavka (@babaslavka) 2 Ver 2018 R. 7:41 PDT



Zlata Ognevich

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Zlata ognevich and Dmitry Zhuk

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich came to the court with Dmitry Zhuk. However, in the second release of steam along with Denis Berinchyk and her partner got the lowest score. Monatic gave his voice to the singer, but Catherine Kuhar voted for boxer. Vlad Yama, whose voice was decisive, chose Denis Berinchyk and Ekaterina Belyavskaya.


Does, polirani ZLATA OGNEVICH (@zlata.ognevich) 2 Ver 2018 R. 1:15 PDT

Zlata ognevich (name at birth – ina) represented Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2013, where he took 3rd place. In 2014, it live scores declared from the Ukraine, congratulated all the Patriotic slogan “Slava Ukraine!”.

Successfully stood for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation on the list “Radical party of Oleh Lyashko”, but in 2015, resigned.

Dancing with the stars 2018 2 issue – the performance of Zlata Ognevich and Dmitry Zhuk


Show results: 2 week show left Zlata ognevich


Pavlo Zibrov

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Pavlo Zibrov and Maria Shmeleva

In the third edition of the show was eliminated, the singer Pavlo Zibrov and his partner Maria Shmeleva. Despite the fact that the judges appreciated the performance is about 2 points higher than the dance Lesya Nikityuk, viewers gave more votes for a few of the presenter.

The singer called this “the legend of Ukrainian variety art”. However, Zibrov daily proof that early to write off the archives. The singer read out a REP with the team “Teddy Brooklyn” about “Ukrzaliznytsia” gathered a full Atlas during Halloween DJ set.


Does, polirani Pavlo Sbrev (@pavlo_zibrov) 26 Sir R. 2018 12:31 PDT

In 2016 Zibrov anonymously took part in the show “the Voice”, but his voice and singing could not deploy any of the judges of my chair and get on the show. And now ready to hit the floor!

Dancing with the stars 2018 2 issue – speech of Paul Zibrova and Maria Shmeleva


Show results: 3 week show left Paul Zibrov


Nikolay Tishchenko

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Nikolay Tishchenko and NANA

In the fourth live parquet left Nikolai Tishchenko. Partner TV presenter and restaurateur, was the former lead singer of the popular group NIKITA, and at the time a dancer of the ballet Todes – NANA. A couple called sexy dancers show, however, Nikolay Tishchenko and Nani were not enough votes of the audience.

46-year-old restaurateur is married to 23-year-old beauty Alla Baranovskaya. The couple are raising a young son of David. This is the third marriage Nicholas. He also has a son Daniel by his second wife, Miss Ukraine-2008 ” Irina Zhuravskaya.


Does, polirani Nikolay Tishchenko (@nikolaytyshchenko) 2 Ver 2018 R. 3:51 am PDT

Tishchenko is a master of sports in judo. It is therefore not surprising that pays great attention to their physical form: a few times a week to the gym and even while traveling does not waive the training.

Dancing with the stars 2018 volume 4 – the speech of Nikolay Tishchenko and Nana


Dancing with the stars 4 2018 edition, the show left Nikolay Tishchenko


Masha Efrosinina

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Masha Yefrosinina and Maksim Leonov

In the fifth live parquet left Masha Efrosinina. The audience gave the least number of votes for a star, so she, along with Maxim Leonov said goodbye to the show. At the end of his speech, the presenter noted that he hoped “to show wins honesty”.

“Dancing with the stars 2018” 5 edition watch the online results announcement


TV presenter Masha Efrosinina took up the challenge of the handsome Georgian Irakli of Makatsaria. Her dancing partner was Maksim Leonov.

Behind 39-year-old Maria several television programs about cinema, conducting the Eurovision song contest 2005, charity projects… Now on “dancing with the stars” this successful woman wants to open new and to surprise their fans.


Does, polirani Masha Efrosinina (@mashaefrosinina) 3 Ver 2018 R. 1:41 PDT


Efrosinina loves to dance and frequently publishes relevant video to his Instagram, especially with a young son Alexander. Under hit the “Vite have to go” they danced together countless times.


Does, polirani Masha Efrosinina (@mashaefrosinina) 18 Sich 2018 R. 8:49 PST


In 20 years, TV star weighed 85 kg, now 60 kg. My weight loss story TV presenter generously shared in social networks and gives advice on how to accept and love yourself.

Dancing with the stars 2018 5 release – speech by Masha Efrosinina and max Leonov


Anita Lutsenko

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Anita Lutsenko and Alexander Prokhorov

Anita Lutsenko left the project in 6 live. Although celebrity judge praised her inflammatory Jive, however, the audience saved another pair from the exit of the show.

“Dancing with the stars 2018” 6 issue – announcement of results


Master of sports in sport aerobics and coach Anita Lutsenko took a call from Denis Berinchyk. Her partner was Alexander Prokhorov.

Anita Lutsenko involved in sports since 4 years. From the age of 10 Anita took an active part in the most prestigious sporting events. Anita Lutsenko – the master of sports of the Silver and European Champion in Sport Aerobics, a multiple Champion of Ukraine in aerobics and fitness and finalist of the European Championship on Fitness.


Does, polirani Anita Lutsenko (@anitasporty) 27 Sir R. 2018 12:59 PDT


Lutsenko also has dancing experience – she was part of the show-ballet, and is now ready to compete in the biggest dance show of the country.

“Dancing with the stars” 2018 6 release – speech by Anita Lutsenko and Alexander Prokhorov


Oksana Marchenko

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Yezhov

Before 8 live Oksana Marchenko unexpectedly refused to participate in “Dancing with the stars 2018”. According to the presenter, during rehearsal she broke two ribs, so can’t go to the floor.


View this post in Instagram

Publication of Dances with stars W 1 1 (@tanci1plus1) 11 Oct 2018 1:29 PDT


Call Lesia Nikityuk took TV presenter Oksana Marchenko, she will dance with Dmitry Chaplin. Dmitry was a finalist for the American version of the project and is ready to conquer the parquet of the Ukrainian show.

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Around the Marchenko participation in the project “Dancing with the stars,” a scandal erupted. For example, the creative team of TV program “TV news” TV channel “1+1” has publicly expressed disagreement with a management decision regarding the participation of the wife of the Pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk in the show.


Does, polirani Oksana Marchenko (@oksana.marchenko.official) Ver 2 2018 R. 1:33 PDT

As you know, Marchenko, is the wife of Viktor Medvedchuk and a mother of two children, Bogdan and Daria. And Daria (joint with Medvedchuk’s daughter) – goddaughter of Vladimir Putin and Svetlana Medvedeva.

Husband of Oksana is not only famous for cronyism with Putin, his political activities in Ukraine, a clearly Pro-Russian. In 2014, Medvedchuk even ended up in the personal sanctions list of the United States against individuals who “threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.


Does, polirani Oksana Marchenko (@oksana.marchenko.official) 28 Ser 2018 R. 1:06 PDT

In January 2016, the activists of “Right sector” and demanded from the leadership of the STB dismissal Marchenko. “Oksana Marchenko has no moral right to work on the Ukrainian TV channel, Putin being a woman and a woman killer Vasyl Stus” – insisted then activists.

In November 2017, on the eve of the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, the activists set fire to the banner, which advertised the then new program of Oksana Marchenko on the channel “inter”.

Scandalous fame and received the “marine house” family Medvedchuk-Marchenko: it was built on the territory of children’s sanatorium in Simeiz, has a “house” private beach (which in fact were intended for the sanatorium). In the media claim that it was in this house Medvedchuk with his wife took to visit his godfather Putin.

Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – speech of Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin


Ruslan Senichkin

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Ruslan Senichkin and Jan Cybulski

9 live show left TV presenter Ruslan Senichkin. He five times was under the threat of exit, however, the audience saved a few, giving voice. Subsequently, Ruslan Senichkin made a Frank statement, adding that leaves the flooring not only through your partner – to Jan Cybulski. Passivity in the struggle for the victory saw the star judges, who in the end voted for Denis Berinchyk and Katya Belyavskaya.

“Dancing with the stars 2018” 9 the release to watch online results announcement


The last participant who has attended all-star relay #танціззіркамиchallenge, became a leading Ruslan Senichkin. Leading is not afraid of new challenges and decided to lose weight.


Does, polirani Ruslan Sancken (@ruslan_senichkin) 31 Sir R. 2018 12:10 PDT

Will make the company to Ruslan and to motivate the dancer, Jan Cybulski.

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Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – the performance of Ruslan and Yana Senichkina Cybulski


Denis Berinchyk

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Denis Berinchyk and Ekaterina Belyavskaya

Although stars are predicted not a long part of Denis Berinchyk in the show, noting that the athletes could not dance, but he proved the opposite. Ukrainian boxer was able to go almost to the final project and to show their skills on the court. Complex choreographic support and experiments with styles – it was to Denis Berinchyk. However, the results of the vote, he left the show in 7 live.

After a fabulous return to the show boxer still left the floor. Had it 11 live.

“Dancing with the stars” 2018 6 release – announcement of results


World-famous boxer and title holder of world champion lightweight champion Denis Berinchyk took the challenge Masha Efrosinina. His partner on the floor was Yekaterina Belyavskaya.

30-year-old boxer Denis Berinchyk was born in Luhansk region. After high school, the future star of Boxing he graduated from the national University of physical education and sport of Ukraine. The first serious success came to boxer in 2010. He won the championship International University sports Federation and then moved in a higher weight category.


Does, polirani Denis Berinchyk (@berinchyk) 1 Ver 2018 R. 2:42 PDT

In a year Denis Berinchyk took part in the world Boxing Championship. In the first fight, the athlete defeated his opponent. In all the battles Denis confidently held in the hands of victory. Subsequently, Denis Berinchyk took part in the Olympic games, which brought to Ukraine a silver medal. Denis was remembered for the London Olympics to the fact that after all his victories were dancing hopak.


Does, polirani Denis Berinchyk (@berinchyk) 27 Sir R. 2018 12:37 PDT

In 2015, the debut of Denis in professional Boxing, where he defeated the experienced Belgian. A year later, the boxer moved into the light weight category. On account of Denis Berinchyk numerous sporting achievements. Dennis – silver medalist of the Olympic games, silver medalist of the world championship, bronze winner of summer Universiade, two-time Ukraine champion and honored master of sports of Ukraine in Boxing.

“Dancing with the stars 2018” 11 release – statement by Denis Berinchyk and Catherine Belyavskaya


Michelle Andrade

Participants of the 2nd season of the show “dancing with the stars” – Michelle Andrade and Jack the cat

The bookies thought that Michelle Andrade and Eugene the cat will get a trophy on the show “dancing with the stars 2018”. However, the pair 5 times into a risk area, and already in the quarterfinals, the results of the vote show, left the floor.

“Dancing with the stars 2018” 12 edition watch online results announcement


Singer Bolivian origin, Michelle Andrade got one of the sexiest dancers in the country – Jack the cat. This pair will fill the flooring with its fiery and seductive dance.

Last season on “Dancing with the stars,” Jack stopped for a step to victory, so this time the dancer will not miss his chance.


Does, polirani Michelle Andrádе (@mishvirmish) 2 Ver 2018 R. 1:05 PDT

Michelle Andrade is not only a talented vocalist in the creative team of captain, but the dancer who since childhood has been dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. Therefore, in videos and during concerts star easily reproduces the PA and demonstrates the incredible plasticity of his body.

Dancing with the stars 2018 1 issue – speech by Michelle Andrade and Eugene the Cat


Dancing with the stars
it is a show in which celebrities with professional dancers competing for the win. The dances are judged and the audience, who vote for their favorite couple. The jury included: coach of “the Voice.Children” MONATIK, prima ballerina of the National Opera Ekaterina Kuhar, and choreographer Vlad Yama. In the new season of the show will increase the number of live broadcasts and star-participants compared to last year. According to the rules in the show will be attended by 14 pairs.

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