“Dancing with the stars 2018” 12 the issue: which pair left the project

To fight for the chance to get to the semi final of the show “dancing with the stars 2018” less than 5 star couples. On 11 November they came to the court with performances which wowed the audience.

The participants of the show “dancing with the stars 2018” demonstrated a sophisticated support and amazing number of songs performed by famous artists. In addition, during the week, the couple learned another complicated dance.

Spectacular impact on the star rating of the judges and the voting audience. In risk Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov, Michelle Andrade, and Jack the cat, Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich.

Charismatic TV presenter once again set a record in the project “dancing with the stars 2018”. Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov for the first time was in the risk zone. Though the participants received low scores from the judges, they were saved by the viewers, giving a large number of votes.

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Dance for life dance Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich, Michelle Andrade, and Jack the cat. The pair showed one of performances, after which began the long-awaited voting star judges. Monatic voted for singer, Catherine Kuhar – over actor. Because Vlad Yama had to decide who will leave the show in the final. Choreographer voted for Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich.

Step away from the semifinals, the show left Michelle Andrade and Jack the cat. The singer admitted that she has changed. Despite all the difficulties, the artist together with his partner showed a good result, therefore, according to Michelle, she is not ashamed to stand on the floor.

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Dancing with the stars Is a show where celebrities with professional dancers competing for the win. The dances are judged and the audience, who vote for their favorite couple. For the first time the “Dancing with the stars” in Ukraine and on Ukrainian television appeared in September 2006 on television channel 1+1.

Went 4 seasons, then the show is no longer aired. After a 6 year break in 2017, the legendary “Dancing with the stars” is back on the TV channel “1+1”. In the new season of the show has increased the number of live and star parties.

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