“Dancing with the stars 2017” 8 the issue: which pair left the quarterfinals of the project

The eighth edition of “dancing with the stars 2017” was released on 15 October on the TV channel “1+1”. In this edition of “dancing with the stars 2017” project left a couple of Sergey Babkin and Snjezana.
In the eighth edition of “dancing with the stars 2017” for project competed 5 pairs of dancers: Natalia Mogilevskaya and Igor Kuzmenko, Ahtem Seitablaev and Alain Shoptenko, Sergey and Snezhana old women, Yuri Tkach and Ilona Gvozdeva and Nadia Dorofeeva and Jack the cat.
The theme of today’s broadcast was “the time Machine”, and dancing couples had to perform two specified style of dance to earn a place in the next broadcast.

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According to the final votes of the judges for two dances and the audience voting in the risk zone were two couples who scored the lowest number of points: a pair of Nadia Dorofeeva and Genis Cat and a pair of Sergei Babkin and Snjezana.
Two dance couples again sang their last number, “dance for life” in front of the judges who decided their fate in the project. Therefore, according to judges, the project “dancing with the stars 2017” left a couple of Sergey Babkin and Snjezana.
The pair performed two dances: bright rock ‘ n ‘ roll and freestyle.
“Dancing with the stars 2017” 8 release watch online: Mr and Snezhana old wives – Rock-n-roll

“Dancing with the stars 2017” 8 release watch online: Mr and mistress official trailer – freestyle

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So next time on the floor will have 4 dance couples who will compete in the semi-finals and of which only one pair will win the project.
“Dancing with the stars 2017” is the entertaining dance project, which is carried out live, which gives the opportunity to show their dancing skills to the Ukrainian TV stars and scenes with famous Ukrainian dancers.
Each issue of star couples get the subject for the next show and during the week preparing for the staging of his dances on the grueling training. In the eyes of the viewers and judges they have to demonstrate their dancing abilities and skills that they received during the week of classes.
The Ukrainian version of the show is an adaptation of the international TV project, which was founded in the UK in 2004 on the BBC news channel under the name “Strictly Come Dancing” and has become popular in many countries around the world.

“Dancing with the stars 2017”: the official logo of the current draft
For the first time the “Dancing with the stars” in Ukraine and on Ukrainian television appeared in September 2006 on television channel 1+1. His leading steel Tina Karol and Yuri Gorbunov. The first edition of the project was released on 7 October 2006. The jury of the TV show was Grigory Chapkis, Elena Kolyadenko, Alexey Litvinov. Following two seasons of the project took place in 2007, and after four years of break, the project was broadcast on STB TV-channel, marking itself as a 4 season.
After 6 years of hiatus, the legendary “Dancing with the stars” is back on the TV channel “1+1”. Mentors and strict judges in the project “dancing with the stars” began MONATIK, Kateryna Kuhar and Vlad Yama.

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