“DakhaBrakha” will give a free concert

In Kiev will host a festival of high art Bouquet Kyiv Stage Photos: 24

From 16 to 26 August in Kiev will be held the festival of high art Bouquet Kyiv Stage.

The programme covers visual art, screenings of Ukrainian films, theatrical tours and interactive activity for children, the elderly, a series of talks under the ash with cultural figures. But the Foundation of the festival – music.

The music program covers more than 25 concerts. It is divided into two streams: daily 18:00 start program “Square hills” at 21:00 – “Birds and flowers”.

The Ukrainian program of the festival will contain a concert of the ethno group “DakhaBrakha”, the concert “TELNYUK: Sisters”, accompanied by the National presidential orchestra of Ukraine and the performance of the pianist Yevhen Gromov.

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Among the electronic acts this year at the festival Ptakh_Jung, Dz’ob and “Dream Owl”.

Swedish art collective MELO will present 3 events. This is an interactive program for children and for children with autism through the provision of SPARA. Another dance workshop for older people.

The festival organizers are positioning it as a gift to the city,because the entrance to all events is free. Will have paid only for the entrance ticket to the territory of the “Sophia” and the Museum “Golden Gate”. Is – 50 UAH.

28-29 June in Izmail of Odessa region hosted the 6th international festival “Danubian Sich”. 2 day it made 18 groups and the national academic orchestra of folk instruments of Ukraine.


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