Currency exchange rate on 12 January: hryvnia prigolubit dolar I Euro

today, 06:10

Ukrainians znovu spostarti VALUT race. So, the National Bank of Ukraine opubco oftiny course nazemnyh currency on weekend links, 11-12 January 2020 rock. The dollar exchange rate accutne after falling from CN I becoming 23,96 UAH, porwnanie s pokusniki have n’yatnytsyu, January 10. About TSE powders press-service itslogo regulator.

The dollar exchange rate, photo:

The exchange rate of the national Bank on 12 January

Oftin Kursi currency installed applications on such run:

– 100 dollars USA – 23,9677 grown;

– 100 Euro – 26,5874 UAH;

TSE this means, dolar podeshevev scho shte on 28-kopiyok. Thus the Euro also mensusa 21 kopiko.

Currency exchange rate, photos s vlna jerel

Naadam scho Uryadov enter Dechev loan for ukraïntsiv in this year. Programa “povertaysya I calisaya” peredacha scho chastina percent for loans Buda viplachuvati s deliberate.

Yak povidomlyav portal Know.ia, podorozhkina rate , the result of plavucha rate, and from smorning the national currency vigraet spojovaci. About TSE saying predstavnik IMF in Ukraine Jost Longman.

Also the portal Znayu writing, scho Obagi kupul that the sale of online currency picname persons in 2019 rotsi Buli mayzhe rwnie I have become $1 billion Taka z’yavylasya information on suit of the NBU.

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