Cryptocurrency: why again soared bitcoin

If what we can say is “growing by leaps and bounds”, it is about bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Twice today, bitcoin has set new records and it cost around 15 thousand dollars. So maybe there’s another meaning, that is, to jump into the last car and buy a little for yourself?

This question recently suffer many Russians. Most still doubt: not only that bitcoin is neither touch nor see is essentially impossible, and the Ministry of Finance has threatened to ban all of it. The truth about the future of bitcoin “MK” has tried to learn from Stanislaus FS – founder of Foundation Capital Nakamoto, Director of strategy CoinPlace.

– Stanislav, what is the reason for the dramatic growth of bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has no actual confirmation of the cost, in addition to demand. To some extent action is a similar tool. But if the share is entitled in some form to manage the company, the right to demand income, a bitcoin is an entry in the registry. You know the only thing their limited number and what part you have. And then effect the laws of the market. If the market limited quantity of something and more people want to buy something than those who want to sell, the price is certainly growing. First and foremost, the growth rates connected with the fact that worldwide in all media many times a day mention bitcoin. And when something is constantly telling you, people begin to wonder. Looking at bitcoin, they see that he is growing. Takes place samomodifitsiruyuschiesya process newspapermen and TV people talking about bitcoin, it is growing, from this media more talking about it, and people look and think he’s growing. And begin to believe in it, and themselves become part of this system.

– And actually as far as bitcoin is convenient in the calculations?

– It is extremely comfortable. What bitcoin can be used successfully? For transactions between people, to make payments to employees of companies for products. For all this, bitcoin is much more convenient – if both parties agree, there is no extra tax burden. We have one of the staff members is in Thailand, he works there and we sent him money for work in bitcoins. And mum he is now in Donetsk. And when he gets us the payment within half an hour he part of the amount goes on the card in Thai currency, and the rest he throws on the card in rubles in Donetsk. Bitcoin is the world’s first supranational currency. The dollar, for example, is not the world currency, and the reserve. And no one can disagree with the fact that he became the world currency. Because it is issued by one country and it would be strange if all the other countries supported this position. Bitcoin also issued all — that is, everyone has a right to put a home miner and get yourself from this bit of bitcoin. Or you can buy it. And it is a currency that cannot be controlled by anyone. Neither the US nor anyone else. No one can block any one thousandth of bitcoin, neither the Federal service for financial monitoring no Finance Ministry, no one word.

– And how then to treat the statement of the Ministry of Finance, which proposes to prohibit payments in bitcoins?

– The question of what feelings I have is this sentence, the answer is: a sense of sarcasm.


It would deny that genetics or GMOs.

But there is, apparently, involve the introduction of some measures? It is possible in principle to track the movement of bitcoins?

– It’s impossible. I can give this comparison: it is possible to forbid men to go to the toilet standing up. But they close the door to the toilet and go and check out how they do it. And here. A man walks into a room, closes the door and… who will check that you are doing?

For example, the Ministry of Finance cannot control, but there is still a Bank that may block funds on the card if their origin is not clear. The cost of one bitcoin is now 15 thousand dollars.

Is the amount for which, most likely, no one will ask. In the end you can say that the friend took the money borrowed and returned. To track a small amount there is no way.

– Can bitcoin be purchased? What about the minimum amounts can be discussed?

– Bitcoins have eight decimal places. Accordingly, the minimum of which can be obtained, it is 0,00000001 bitcoin. But you have to understand that bitcoins being transferred are not free and the cost of translation is high enough. But can arise and the timing of transactions. One of the networks trading in cryptocurrency, the second, a week has serious problems — lots of transactions, there does not pass, because the game is “Cryptococci”. Users of this program clog all the channels and the network it is very much hangs. The people of these “seals” that exist only in the form of cryptocodon, buy now at a price of $ 40. And the maximum amount paid for the seal, as far as I know, 170 thousand dollars.

That is, there is a more popular currency than bitcoin?

– Bitcoin is not much, but he was the first by market capitalization — that is, the number of coins multiplied by the coin value it is now the biggest.

– Give a couple of tips for those who, despite the fears, still dare to buy this cryptocurrency.

– People should very carefully watch how bitcoins are stored. Suppose a man brought the purse, no passwords are saved, it is stored on his phone. And then accidentally, the phone fell into the soup and all. That is, if we are talking about a Bank account, and there you can take a passport, to come in and the Bank will conduct the necessary identification, and will restore access to the account. With bitcoin it is not so. Here lost, so lost.

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