Crows remember people who hurt them

Photo: AmericaRU.com

A new survey found that to deceive or to offend the ravens only once. They will remember the abuser for at least a month.

Crows that are in the form of Corvus corax, were the owners of an enviable memory for animals. They are able to demonstrate “complex cognitive mechanisms associated with memory”. Live the experiment showed that birds have a good memory of those who caused them inconvenience or tried to cheat.

Working with a team of nine ravens, scientists from Austria have trained birds art exchange – in particular, birds could exchange a piece of bread on a more desirable piece of cheese. Once they’ve mastered this trick, biologists conducted a series of interactions with the “honest” person and a “deceiver.” The ravens emotionally reacted to the behavior of those people who cheated them by not giving cheese in exchange for bread. In the next experiment, crows were originally chosen for the interaction of “honest” people and the “cheaters” case did not want to have. During iterations of the experience within 30 days the ravens continued to avoid abusers.

The study is published in the journal Animal Behaviour.

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