Croatia – Ukraine: A Shot Kalinic. The selection of the 2018 world Cup


Exact blow eks-the forward “Dnepr” Nikola Kalinic at the end of the first half brought the Croats minimal home victory over the Ukrainians.

  • Kalinic scored a brilliant strike into the top corner from outside the box
  • Croatia continues to go unbeaten in the qualifiers
  • The Ukrainian team suffered its first defeat in five qualifying games
  • The team of Andriy Shevchenko drops to third place in group I
  • Next games (June 11): Iceland – Croatia, Finland – Ukraine

In a match of leaders of group I Croatia have won in Zagreb the team of Ukraine at the expense of goals Nikola Kalinic, who was assisted by Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic. This victory strengthened the position of “cellular”, who managed to break away from all his pursuers.

The owners immediately put the Ukrainians in an awkward position, forcing them to operate under constant pressure. As a result of this pressure, some good chances created for the ex-striker “Dnipro” Kalinic. However, the best chance to score a quick goal had Mario Mandzukic, robbed at the exit of the penalty to Viktor Kovalenko, but struck the post. To withstand this onslaught, a number of trips to the possessions of Daniel Subasic made a visit.

The most productive they had Andriy Yarmolenko, through the right flank of which the severity occurred. However, your most delicious moment of the national team of Ukraine was created not by the counter, and after a corner, when Artem Kravets almost pushed the ball into the net. Several times the team Andriy Shevchenko was played in front of the line, without bringing the matter before the impact.

But the Croats did not hesitate to sharpen the game at the first opportunity. And, above all, from the flanks, where the supply was without the slightest delay. Because in such cases the middle line is blue-shifted yellow too deeply, her quick transition from defence to attack often failed. In the end, the second wave of attack Ante Cacica and had a goal to “Maximize”. A move involving Modric and Rakitic skillfully completed kalinic.

The second half, Ukraine started a little more active than the opponent, primarily due to sharp movements Yevhen Konoplyanka, subtle to break. But through its edge, where the midfielder “Schalke” helped 20-year-old rookie of the national team Nikolai Matvienko, the transfer has not penetrated into the penalty area Subasic. The real threat to his goal arose is that after “standards” for which he was taken Ruslan rotan and Konoplyanka.

The closer the final whistle Shevchenko replaced both Central Midfielders, and then moved on to play with two forwards. What also has not brought special dividends. The only thing getting in the shot is left again for the substitute Yevhen Seleznyov, but his shot was easy prey for Keeper owners.

Key player: Nikola kalinic (Croatia)

Striker Fiorentina a couple of times came close to open the scoring in the opening stages. But if it attempts to complete the flanking crosses of the partners, acting for proactive, successful, goal Kalinic was the result of his ability to push the guardian. In the 38th minute, receiving the ball after a spectacular attempted with the participation of Modric and Rakitic, he’s covered him and fired an unstoppable strike into the top corner.

Bale Modric – Rakitic

Before the game the coaches of the guests paid special attention to the leaders of the “cellular”, promising to create for the Modric and Rakitic a zone of discomfort. Sometimes, of course, the Ukrainians did it, but in the decisive situations of the Midfielders of real Madrid and Barcelona your task performed perfectly. It was they who sent the majority of attacks of owners, regulate the pace and rhythm of the match, much practiced in the selection, and even built a goal which became for Croatia victorious.

Debut Matvienko

As for the national team of Ukraine, it is not created in the opposing half and generally played well in the defense, which did not spoil the picture and first appeared in its composition left-back of FC Karpaty Matvienko. By the way, its appearance was dictated by the disqualification of the player “Dawn” Edward Sable.


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