Criminal scheme “Zaporozhgaz” Firtash: SBU announced the details of the gas Scam

Multi-million dollar damages to the state and ordinary Ukrainians paid a management of JSC “zaporozhgaz”, which belongs to the oligarch Dmytro Firtash. It was discovered by investigators of the security Service of Ukraine.

The press service of the SBU reported on the mechanism by which the management of PJSC “zaporozhgaz” profited from the gas.

As in “Zaporozhgaz” stealing gas? Company executives artificially off the consumed natural gas, ostensibly on “production and technological expenses and non-normalized losses”, while maintain records of technical failures, which actually did not exist – that is, openly fictional. During the searches police seized false reports of accidents, reports with false data confirming the fact of committing a crime.

Who is Dmytro Firtash? This Ukrainian oligarch, businessman, investor, co-owner of the infamous bankrupt “Nadra Bank”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group DF. According to the magazine “Focus” for 2013 with as more than 3.3 billion was ranked 4th in the ranking of the richest citizens of Ukraine. Firtash owns majority stake in the group’s TV channels “inter” and other media assets. Featured in numerous criminal proceedings in many countries. The last thing known about Firtash – a Cypriot court has arrested assets of 46 million dollars.

The damage caused the crime in the “Zaporozhgaz”? Industry experts estimate that only one quarter of 2018 was kidnapped gas for more than 26 million. Besides, illegal actions of the gas companies has resulted in artificially created cover losses at the expense of the state budget and consumers. And all this against the backdrop of the recent controversy, once the supplier has shifted on the shoulders of users the cost of gas that was “lost” during transport. For that Ukrainians have received exaggerated bills for gas.

Meanwhile, in the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings the Chairman of the Board of PJSC “zaporozhgaz” it is declared suspicion and he was dismissed – pretrial investigation proceeds.

What is the gas? The main gas pipeline in Ukraine operated by “Ukrtransgaz” and the regional – regional gas companies and city gas companies. It is to them that Ukrainians pay for gas consumption and the gas companies pay the funds to the owner of the resource after removing his Commission. The tariff for services in gas distribution company a fixed and established by the national Commission for regulation of energy for each separately. However, all the gas companies monopoly on the supply of natural gas in their region. 70% of the market of gas supply of Ukraine is controlled by Dmitry Firtash.

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