Created a video about the value of the Act of zluka

January 22, Ukrainians celebrated the Day of Unification Photo:

The Ukrainian Institute of national memory and production Studio Bober to the Day of unity of Ukraine has created a social video. It helps to plunge into the historical events and understand their significance today.

About the unity of Ukraine from Xiang to the don always intuitively felt. An even split of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires. Even forced to fight against each other during the First world war. Therefore, once the wreckage of the empires appeared free and independent Ukrainian national Republic and West Ukrainian people’s Republic, the path to Sluke became obvious and inevitable.

The 100-year anniversary is celebrated under the slogan “Together on their own since 1919”.

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The act of reunification has become a significant event that had great historical significance for Ukrainian society. He declared before the whole world the indivisibility of the Ukrainian lands, the unity and solidarity of the people, was a prelude to the emergence of the modern Cathedral of sovereign Ukraine.

The act of Connection of the Ukrainian national Republic and West Ukrainian people’s Republic was proclaimed on 22 January 1919 at Sofia square in Kiev.

“In the morning the city took a solemn look. The house removed national flags and transparent, balkanah the hanging carpets and paintings from prominent Ukrainian figures, writes about Kyiv on 22 January 1919 the Ukrainian Telegraph Agency. – Especially good udekorowane house on St. Sophia square and the surrounding streets. Between different building, which houses the Central office of the Telegraph and the building of the Kiev Zemstvo gubernialna. On their balconies is a portrait and bust of Shevchenko, the national removed ribbons and flags. The triumphal arch at the entrance is from Vladimirskaya street to St. Sofia’s square removed from the top and sides with ancient coats of arms of Ukraine and Galicia. Throughout the area the poles were nailed, different arms of the Ukrainian provinces and posters”.


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