Crazy world. Navalny is the Hitler. France elects a President

In the latest edition of “Mad world” Ivan Iacovino – Russian authorities seem to have a special fear of Alexei Navalny, as I can’t even call aloud his name, but now they have shot an interesting film about the opposition. The main political event of the weekend presidential elections in France, which is very important for Ukraine.
The Kremlin against Navalny
The confrontation between the Russian authorities and Alexei Navalny became one of the most interesting stories of the last days. The leader of the Russian opposition for a long time is a real Voldemort from the “Harry Potter” for the Kremlin – the person whose name is in any case can not be called. Putin and Medvedev, and their entourage also never called his name, saying either “this gentleman” or “man with a criminal past” or “known rogue” and so on.
In Russia is very popular theory that this fear is still metaphysical. The Kremlin rulers fear that, calling Navalny by name, they will call so the trouble – that is, the change of government. However, the opposition need to fight. Mass rallies took place all over Russia on March 26, showed that the Bulk – is a very real threat for the Kremlin, there is no place for metaphysics. What is even more dangerous for the government: the opposition Spud is now the electorate that is immune from Kremlin propaganda, as it sits on the Internet and, in General, do not watch zomboyaschik.
In the result, Kremlin strategists have decided to compete with the Bulk in his field – the Internet. As a result, the Kremlin strategists have decided to compete with the Bulk in his field – the Internet. It turned out so-so. An anonymous Studio, which protrude from the ears of the Pro-Kremlin television stations, produced a video called “Navalny is the Hitler.”
It turned out sort of a jumble of finely chopped the speeches of the leader of the opposition. Thing out expensive – there’s a lot of computer graphics, various effects and so on. BUT! It happened all inedible.
A video posted on the Internet, in just one day gathered more than a hundred thousand dislikes is such negative reviews. Maybe I will correct people, but I do not recall in history. This, in my opinion, a unique case. That is, the rollers are so bad, in my opinion, was not even. Another interesting detail: this program has spread even supporters of Navalny himself. But not to be horrified by his crimes, because he is Hitler, but to laugh at the idiocy of Putin’s creatives. Look on the Internet. It’s just a laugh.
Thus the Kremlin, published this video, shot himself in the foot, showing exclusively in the light of the idiotic Russian government, but this is not the end! Across the country students began to drive watching video about what Navalny is the Hitler. For example, in the city of Vladimir a “movie” in quotes of course, ended in scandal: between students and supervisors had a dispute in which the youth won.
As a result, instead of hatred for the opposition of the audience there was a great interest to the opposition. Simply put, the Kremlin ran ads Bulk. The first round of face-to-face confrontation with the power of the Internet, the opposition totally won. This story has another very important point. In the past, the Kremlin ordered abusive movies about those people and the historical processes in which he saw himself a direct threat. So today’s video is about Bulk – it’s proof that Putin sees this opposition seriously, and even afraid.
By the way, the following mass action, which I will also be telling will be held in Russia on 12 June. We wish every success to its organizers.
A political volcano in Britain
In London, there was a real political storm capable of on a tangent to touch and Ukraine. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland to the wonderful Theresa may has shocked the local elite message about the imminent holding of early parliamentary elections. Politicians and journalists have fallen into a state of stupor, as may repeatedly publicly swore that no early elections will not. She insisted that the country’s stability is above all, and even denied the Scots in the referendum on the independence of the territory. And here is the surprise, which absolutely no one was ready. After the announcement of elections the whole of London was snapped at the premiere. She was accused of a cynical violation of their own promises and simply lies.
Even I remember that she was always against Breccia, and then suddenly became–. But despite the universal hatred and violation of many promises, may and her Conservative party a very good chance to win. It is not that they are wonderful, and that their eternal rivals – the Labour party – and apparently the leader, whose name is Jeremy Corbyn. He has taken a very leftist, almost Communist, who, even in his own party is perceived not by all. But inside the labour party he was still able to save power and to disperse the corners of competitors, but to get out of this electoral ghetto, he can not. Throughout the country the electorate is very limited, and it’s scary infuriates his potential allies of the labour party – the local liberal community, which opposes the Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. These people hoped that after the next election labour will gain power and will be able to cancel the results of the recent referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU.
However, Corbin, who win can not, simply destroys their dream. As a result, in the UK there is such situation: the conservatives who lie at every step, it is not clear how to finish the election. Labour program Corbin – (in the sense of to take everything and divide) is completely divorced from the British reality. Against this background, real chances to enter Parliament receives independence Party United Kingdom – UKIP it’s called. This right-wing radicals who are big fans of Vladimir Putin and haters of the European Union.
The situation now is complicated by the fact that right now Scotland breaks away from the Kingdom, and the process of Breccia, that is, of a British exit from the European Union, is in full swing. Britons now expect some very difficult, but hopefully interesting months with a completely unpredictable ending.
French planner
In this crazy world the main political event of the coming weekend promises to be the first round of presidential elections in France. There is now the situation is even more complicated than in neighbouring Britain. Just a few weeks ago everything was more or less clear: after the first round of the 23rd of April, the second was supposed to leave Pro-Putin nationalist marine Le Pen and Pro-European candidate, Emmanuel macron. In the second round of the macron easily defeated Le Pen in all the polls and became President. Everything seems to be fine. But right before the first round, the situation changed dramatically: the group leaders wedged two of the candidate: the right Francois Fillon and desperate leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
Now every man of the four uses about 20 percent support of those identified with the choice of French. But another third of the voters are still only wondering who to vote for. These two circumstances make the results of the first round completely unpredictable. For us it is important that out of this Quartet only macron openly declares its support of Ukraine. The nationalist Le Pen is openly Pro-Putin stance, right Fillon is going to shoot with Moscow sanctions and start trade, and socialist and anti-capitalist Jean-Luc Mélenchon is ready to support even the devil with horns, if he will oppose the United States and Germany. The outcome of the election can affect also external factors such as terrorist attacks.
The police of Marseilles has recently defused a terrorist group of two people, who planned to blow up polling stations on the day of the election. Now, across the country, across France the polls taken under heavy guard, but to eliminate any issues. In the end there are still railway stations, airports, kindergartens, schools and whatever. And if right before the election, and the truth, God forbid will be any terrorist attack, the chances of the Pro-Putin nationalist Le Pen will be much higher than now.
For Ukraine the results of the presidential elections in France will be critical. So on Sunday I will personally closely monitor the voting and counting of votes.


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