Crash of the ship near Turkey: the drowned sailor before his accident complained of the condition of the vehicle

More than a day did not find a native place of one of the sailors – Kharkiv Ruslan Botnica. As soon as it became aware of the tragedy, they began to ring the Consulate and the Ministry of foreign Affairs to something to find out. However, no one provided them with any information. Later it became known that Ruslan drowned.

The sister of the wife of a sailor said that no one called and warned about the tragedy.

30-year-old Ruslan Budnik sailor and one captain have gone four months ago. In the spring he needs to be home with my family, however, did not happen. A cargo ship that was Ruslan, came from the Russian port of Azov and sank near the Northern Turkish province of Samsun.

He has been in swimming. From a flight back in the spring, all summer usually was at home, and already the New year and other holidays, he again went to sea,
– said neighbor Elena.

On the ship “Volgo-Balt 214” there were 13 crew members, and 11 of them are Ukrainians. The rest are citizens of Azerbaijan. The Turkish authorities said: survived the seven, six were found dead. People miraculously managed to survive in icy water for 5 hours. The survivors were rescued with the help of helicopters, boats and aircraft.

Rescue the surviving crew of the ship “Volgo-Balt 214”

In the family of Botnica more just waiting for the photos and videos of the rescue operation, but Ruslana in the list of saved, unfortunately, no. Last time he contacted the family on January 5, before crossing the Turkish border. Friends recall that he complained about an outdated ship, because the “Volgo-Balt 214” built in Soviet times, in 1978.

According to foreign media reports, the ship broke apart and sank due to the impact. It transported coal. First, the ship sailed under Soviet and Russian flags, but now under the Panamanian. The Ministry for the temporarily occupied territories do not exclude the possibility that the ship could carry coal, which was mined in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

By the way, the ship and its owner now – in the so-called “black list” for having ignored the ban and went to the ports of the annexed Crimea.


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