Coronavirus was detected in three Russians: details

In Kazan have confirmed that three Russians infected with coronavirus new. Photo:

Three Russian passengers from the cruise ship Diamond Princess discovered coronavirus.

Russians from Japan February 23, evacuated to Kazan. In General delivered 8 passengers. In Kazan have confirmed that three of them are infected with a new type of coronavirus, writes “Interfax”.

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On the liner Diamond Princess recorded outbreak of coronavirus. So the ship was quarantined in port Yokohama. On Board were 24 citizens of Russia. Except eight, who were evacuated to Kazan, seven were delivered to Vladivostok. The others refused to evacuate to Russia.

From 28 February, Russia banned the issuance of visas to citizens of Iran. Also restricted flights to South Korea. These countries have recorded outbreaks of coronavirus.

The most active in Europe, the virus is spreading in Italy. She became the third in the world after China and South Korea in the number of infected. Seven cases have become fatal. The Italian authorities have introduced emergency measures in several regions of the country, where about 30 million people.