Coronavirus: PCU encourages members not to come up with alternative ways of communion

Coronavirus: PCU encourages members not to come up with alternative ways of communion
13:38 of Today’s Telegraph UNIAN Photo: Facebook Ukraine news:At DNC urges Ukrainians to observe the rules of hygiene and not to look for alternative ways of communion.

A new type of coronavirus during communion, when the believers drink wine from a spoon, to get impossible. It will also lead to the spread of the disease.

Ukrainians in the Church suggest to follow the recommendations according to the health and strengthening immunity. This was Metropolitan ptsu Dmitriy Rudiuk wrote on the page in Facebook.

He urged not to sow panic among people and not to invent alternative ways of communion, for “those who utilize, are fallen and spiritually deceived Christians.

“Warn you of the fact that any disregard for the terrible life-giving Body and blood of the Lord, which is fed from the Holy Cup, inventing all sorts of ways of communion, which denies the traditional form of the sacrament in the Orthodox Church, or any restrictions in the sacrament the true Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is nothing but disrespect, blasphemy and lack of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Honest Body and Blood,” – said the Metropolitan.

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The Metropolitan also stressed the importance of compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of health and who in accordance of hygiene and immunity.

“In order to avoid unnecessary questions, I want to emphasize that the other medical advice regarding cleanliness, hygiene, and warnings about the spread of the coronavirus, we do not reject and ask the faithful to strongly adhere to them,” – said metropolit Dmitriy Rudyuk.

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As previously reported, the outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus, the disease was recorded in late December, 2019 in the most densely populated city in Central China – 12-million city of Wuhan. The world health organization declared the outbreak an emergency situation of international scale.

Outside of China most people infected in South Korea and Italy. On 3 March, Ukraine had confirmed its first case of coronavirus – a man, who with his wife returned from Italy to Chernivtsi.

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Today, the world was 102 thousand 186 cases COVID-19, from them 3 thousand 491 lethal, at the same time, 57 thousand 389 (56.2 per cent) recovered.

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