Contraception during breastfeeding: the most effective methods

There are still the assertion that during the breast-feeding women can’t get pregnant. It is a method of lactational amenorrhea.

This method is based on the lack of ovulation in women whose children are exclusively breastfed (GW).

Gynecologist she Opalenko told, in some cases, this method will be effective:

1. Feeding occurs every 3 hours during the day and at least once a night. The interval between feeding should not exceed 6 hours.

2. The woman must be restored menstruation

3. The age of the child – up to 6 months

Under these conditions the efficiency of the method reaches 98%.

The most common problem is invisible to the mom increase the time between feedings, and thus reducing the efficiency and increasing the risk of unplanned pregnancy.

What methods of effective contraception during GW

1. The intrauterine device (can be installed during the first menstrual period).

2. Barrier method (condom).

3. Spermicides (cream, tablets and candles). These drugs have only a local effect, is not absorbed into the blood, and are therefore safe for the baby.

Contraception at the time of GW: effective condoms

What methods are not recommended

1. Combined oral contraceptives (COCS). Due to the presence in the composition of the estrogen component of lactation may decrease and sometimes cease.

2. The method of ovulation prediction. This method is not reliable and outside of lactation, and during the hormonal changes occurring in a woman’s body during feeding, its effectiveness is reduced even more.

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