Constructors of the Belarusian sniper rifle suspected of plagiarism

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What happened?

On 28 January, the Ministry of defence published a tweet with a photo of the first sniper rifles designed in Belarus, — SCR-TigerBY. The weapons looked impressive, but the development of the Belarusian suspected of being unoriginal. The defense Ministry has deleted the tweet, but the question is, what was it, left. versed in this complicated story.

It looked like the rifle shown at the MILEX-2019 and tweet defense

How it all began and where the tweet defense

A few days ago, January 28, the Ministry of defence has published a tweet about one of the exhibits — a version of the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD), a modernized “LSVT — New technologies” (LSVT-NT). It was called SCR-TigerBY. However, on 2 February, the tweet was removed.

A screenshot of the post that started it all

First the weapon showed last spring at MILEX-2019. The photo in the tweet of the weapons represented in the kit, which was at that show.

1 Feb the tweet drew the attention of Valentin Vlasenko, co-founder of the Russian company Sureshot Armament Group, specializing in the production of weapon-tuning. On his page on Facebook he stated the following: the chassis and the butt of the rifle shown in MILEX, was produced by his firm and protected by patents.

Components, as written Vlasenko, was transmitted to them by the employee LSVT-NT Andrew will Nechayev, and in the end the exhibition was shown the rifle with accessories Sureshot Armament Group (which was not removed logos SAG).

In his post Valentin Vlasenko recalled that in the case of the beginning of sales of rifles with counterfeit copies of the kit, the deal can be challenged in court.

On 3 February the news came to the net and caused some resonance.

That has caused doubts

At a recent exhibition of arms and military equipment, organized Goskomvoenproma, innovative green rifles we have not seen.

But in the photo next to the machine VSK-100BP (center) is visible to the upgraded SVD, but in a completely different kit — the device noiseless and flameless shooting, in a different color and in principle not too similar to the one shown in the tweet. This rifle has been signed by SCR-TigerBY — in exactly the same way as the sample from which it all began.

Photo: Dmitry Brushko

It is unlikely in Belarus make multiple variants of the upgraded SVD — most likely, the weapon is in this kit.

Press Secretary of goskomvoenproma Vladimir Lavrenyuk confirmed that in Belarus produced a modernized SVD has a different body kit and different appearance than those shown at the exhibition MILEX-2019.

But it does not answer the question of where did the body kit option, presented in the spring of 2019. For clarification, we turned to the “LSVT — New technologies”, however, the company refused from any comments on this issue.

That said, the Russian gunsmith

Journalists agreed to talk himself co-founder of the Russian company Sureshot Armament Group Valentin Vlasenko. Here’s what he told us:

The rifle posted in the tweet illustration — do in our kit. Such chassis and butts we produce and sell in 2015. And in the fall of 2017, we were introduced to a member of the “LSVT — New technologies” Andrew Nechem. He proposed to organize a joint venture to purchase our kits, to do the SVD and sell. A normal, we went to meet him and immediately handed him one copy for tests. About how to produce chassis and butts in Belarus, no speech was not.

But starting in 2018, we began to receive information that something went wrong. With potential cooperation is also not evolved — but the first issued kit, we in Belarus is nothing more sent.

And then “the first self-developed in Belarus sniper rifle” showed everyone at MILEX-2019. Only colored green.

What is happening we do not like, and from accident demanded to explain on what he said, what part of “LSVT — New technologies” managed to quit and has no idea that they are the kit without it doing.

Well, the last straw was this tweet defense. What is happening there and who is to blame is unclear, but it is absolutely clear that our trademarks on the forearm and the butt was absolutely impossible. If now the Belarusian arms SVD upgrade in your kit is good. But do not understand what it was a year to show weapons with our accessories.

What is the result?

Based on the available information, we can say that the kit of the rifle in which it was shown at the MILEX-2019 actually produced Sureshot Armament Group.

However, now in Belarus upgrade the SVD, producing for them a completely different kit — then there is the issue of unlicensed production of patent-protected product, developed by our Russian colleagues, don’t.