Conservationist and glaciologist told about poisonous Russian snow

photo: Evgeny Semenov

To play in the snow or sculpt a snowman, jump in the snow naked after a bath, to build a fortress or just run under the snow of the day, which was invented by the Russians for winter. There are also a variety of traditional recipes: for example, RUB his hands with snow to avoid frostbite, or snow wash to improve the complexion. Alas, the lion’s share of these councils will have to leave in the past.

– The snow on the streets of Moscow, in contact with the impurity twice, explains glaciologist Mary Ananicheva, leading researcher, Institute of geography RAS. Above the city there is always a dense veil of harmful emissions, and snow mass deals with it. And, accordingly, is absorbed chemistry. Often there are more heavy snowfalls than in the field, more intense, due to the fact that the city is warmer because of the same veil.

Of course, give up the snow completely fun no need, however, to play in the snow it would be better to wear gloves – and even more impossible to take the snow in your mouth, experts say. Moreover, in the modern world in a snow pile not only our, Russian emissions, but European .

– Heat, which provokes the snow, comes to us generally from the South-East. The air passes through Europe and, accordingly, we get snow, saturated with emissions from Germany, Poland, Belarus and other countries. And it all falls on our heads, – said the ecologist Andrey Frolov. – Pure snow, of course not. Although concentrations are insignificant, it would be interesting to raise the question: why should we breathe the European emissions, but for us it is no compensation? There are precedents: Norway, for example, makes us claim, when the wind brings them our emissions.

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