Congratulations to the Trinity, 2017: beautiful SMS, cards and poems

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Trinity 2017


On this day in the Church to be hallowed grass and bouquets of twigs of birch or maple.

In 2017, the Trinity falls on June 4. On this day in the Church to be hallowed grass and bouquets of twigs of birch or maple. How did this custom and what blessed herbs have healing properties, and also which plants must be in the bouquet we have read. The feast of the Trinity according to tradition floors of temples and houses littered the freshly cut grass, icons are decorated with birch or maple branches, and the green-gold color of Church vestments of the priests symbolizes the life-giving and renewing power of the Holy spirit.

Congratulations on the day of the Holy Trinity! “The Trinity soul smoothly tune,” — said the people. Let every enlightened soul . I wish you heart-felt joy, peace, spiritualization and inspiration! Be happy!

Let along with the ringing of bells announcing the coming of the feast of the Holy Trinity in your life will come peace and prosperity. Let not the temptation you can not resist, let him stay in this world and be humble and quiet, and all sins are forgiven.

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Let this day light your world, let your house come Holy heat. Should not be in a world of lonely people, the poor and abandoned. We wish you to celebrate the holidays not even three, and in the circle of a huge and happy family. Happiness, warmth and peace in your home.

We congratulate all Christians on the feast of the Holy Trinity! This day we celebrate as the birthday of the new Testament Church. The Trinity is always associated with the renewal of nature, with the arrival of warmth. Let the warmth is not only the window but also our hearts. Peace and kindness to every home!

In the great day of the Holy Trinity, beloved friend, I want to congratulate you and to Express my joy that we celebrate this wonderful holiday together. I sincerely wish peace to thy home, bright minds all over your way of life. May the Lord give you strong health, will point the right way when you will not be able to do it myself. The Holy Trinity with you, dear friend!

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On the day of the Holy Trinity ought to wish You strong faith, righteous living and true intentions. Let the word of God today will come down to each heart. Let the Lord give You all your transgressions, voluntary and involuntary.

Congratulations on the bright, beautiful feast of the most Holy Trinity! Let the celebration connects sincere joy, fun, deep, prayer-like attitude, the love of God, which contains in itself all that. I wish you strength and understanding to fulfill the commandments thoughtfully read the word of God, participate in the sacraments of the Church. The glory of the eternal unity — God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, grace, good works, faith!

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Dear brothers and sisters, congratulations Trinity! We wish that your life was always close to Christ and helped in everything! May the Lord bless your good deeds, good thoughts and kind soul! Let them help you to be like our Savior, let him give you deep faith, great wisdom and the Holy spirit! Clean your palate, gentle sun and a long life with God!

In the day light and kind feast of the Trinity wish with all my heart that the soul has always had a strong faith, and harbored sincere hope that God’s grace has filled your life so fragrant and beautiful branches that decorate your house, gave great inspiration and feeling of true happiness.

The feast of the Trinity, I heartily wish want came to the house bright good light, and happiness to the soul were warmed by the rays of goodness and joy so that the heart kept pure and true love on the way burning flame of hope and faith.

Beautiful, congratulations to the Trinity, 2017: original poetry, greeting cards and completely suscitate

Congratulations on the feast of the Trinity and from the heart wish life was always burning a bright flame of hope and love that faith never left your heart, to live in soul joy and inspiration to good deeds. Let your life will always be decorated with blooming branches of good luck and the lush greenery of happiness, like in this holiday.

Congratulations to the Trinity, and wish with all my heart, that God always guided on the right and bright path in life that your faith never waned to true love and respect, gave new strength to the most Holy Trinity has always been able to help you find your place and open your heart for good thoughts and aspirations.

Congratulations to the Trinity, and I heartily wish that the soul was a devout believer in God to heart prayed every day, not forgetting to thank the Lord for the grace of life and happiness. I wish to know in this life what true love and strength, I wish to look hopefully to the future and happy to take any gift of fate.

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Congratulations on a good feast of the Trinity and wish not to let go of the Firebird of his own happiness, to keep harmony in the family, keep in mind the bright hope, with all my heart to love and to believe only in the best. Let your life spread out wide field good luck and there will be a vast inspiration.

Let in the light holiday of the Trinity you will come to happiness, and will break the world into your home will take all night. Let the soul cleansed of evil and envy, and stores let the Lord be with you. With a holiday!

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I would like to congratulate the entire Christian world with bright holiday of the Trinity and to wish all good health and enduring faith in the Lord. May you always be surrounded by family and favorite people, your house is happiness and peace, and your soul will always be relaxed and ready for compassion!

Congratulations to All on the happy Trinity! We wish you a lovely weather in Your families, prosperity. Let Your homes will always be a holiday, happiness and harmony. Learn to thank and appreciate life for all that it gives you the opportunity to see all the delights of life. May the sprig of birch will bring You joy and warmth.

With the holiday want to congratulate, mental harmony, health in the house of your wish in a hurry. Let the rays of daylight will warm in cold weather, and good friends will become a reliable support in all difficulties. Happiness, success, faith, understanding. Forget about the bad dream, enjoy the precious life.

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