Competitor Lunin missed funny goal between the legs of a football player phenomenon, who won a terrible injury

Real Madrid could not beat Villarreal in the match of the 17th round of the Spanish Examples (2:2). Set interesting accents of this match.

The main hero of the match was Santi Cazorla. The Spaniard scored twice in the gate “creamy”. These goals have become for Santi’s first in the Example of the 2012/13 season when he played for Malaga. Then there was a period in the London Arsenal, which ended a terrible injury.

Cazorla flew for more than two years – from October of 2016 to spring 2018. During this time, he had 10 operations on the Achilles tendon. Before the start of the season returned to Villarreal, and yesterday shamed Madrid.

Villarreal – real Madrid: draw fair, regulationsi real and heroic game Sergio Asenjo

“It was a special match for me – to score two goals real Madrid after all what I went through. Want to continue to work and improve. Every day I feel better and better. Feel the rhythm of the game, and the pain goes away,” said after the match Cazorla.

The coach of Villarreal Luis Garcia has captured the game midfielder: “Santi – phenomenon”.

The decisive goal Cazorla at the last meeting was funny. With the growth of 168 centimeters, the Spaniard scored a header from goalkeeper area between the legs of Thibaut Courtois. It is clear that the guilt of the partners of the shot is less, but the network surprised another bad game, one of the competitors by Andrey Lunin at the place of the first number of the real for the future. Courtois was among the worst players of the match according to estimates of the statistical portals.

Courtois in status as the best goalkeeper in 2018 performs the worst season in his career

Another loser exit to Villarreal – Gareth bale. The Welshman problem is not with the game, and health. On 38 minutes, bale was injured, clutching his left Shin. In the second half, it was replaced by ISCO. As estimated by the Spanish media, bale received 22 trauma during your stay in the Real world. For more General estimates of this damage was the 18th in Madrid for Gareth.

Replacing at CSIS – 14-I’m on the liabilities side of the Welshman for real, is caused by trauma. Recovery time from this is not too serious injury is unknown, but one game “creamy” winger will miss.

This season, bale was limited to a few minor injuries and not missed so much time. However, the teams in La Liga are often removed from games during the current season 15 times.

After moving to Spain, Gareth could not accept the main challenge from his health. However, it should be recognized that without it, the weaker real, bale plays an important role in the team. And problems at Santiago Solari serious – his team close and not demonstrating the expected level of the game. The gap from the leader Barcelona is 7 points.

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