Compare Putin, Sobchak and Grudinina

Putin, Sobchak and Grudinin – as candidates for the vacant post of President Rossiyanka article is an attempt to give a free from populism and propaganda hysteria comparative analysis of the presidential candidates. So, how would the HR staff, reviewing profiles of candidates for the vacant position…


Putin, Sobchak and Grudinin – a comparison of people and programs

Author – Alexander Khaldey

That shows the use of methods of personnel management to the major candidates in the presidential race.

On the eve of presidential elections in Russia, felt the lack of a comprehensive analysis of the qualities and programs of applicants. This intelligence, which is free from the situation and cheap propaganda of populism on the verge of a tabloid newspaper hysteria. Analysts, not busy imposing their position and pushing their candidate at any cost. As Putin’s supporters and the supporters of the liberals, and supporters of the left are mostly the kind of journalism do, in the forehead, aggressively and with extreme emotions .

But there is a small layer of the reading public, seeking a balanced comparison calm and detached analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses of applicants. This article is an attempt to give a free from populism and propaganda hysteria comparative analysis. So, how would the HR staff, reviewing profiles of candidates for the vacant position.

Quality applicants are invited to compare groups of criteria, while ultimately freed from the tastes and political sympathies. Some of it is not easy to do, but for the sake of objectivity of evaluations is necessary to do so.

Any expert in staff management, dealing with the assessment in the selection of staff, especially the assessment of qualities of candidates for managerial positions, using such methodology. Why don’t we try to do the presidential candidates?

The first thing to recognize immediately – the candidate, who served for a long time this position has undeniable advantages over challengers due to the fact that they already have the experience that no bidders. In any profession the skill is done automatically as tenure, and if you have never led a proposed project, you know that the desired competencies lack. However, you try to compensate for it’s other qualities – fast learner, ability to work, flexibility of thinking, an analogy solved problems in previous positions ability to help the environment in a state conducive to solving problems facing the organization.

Here are the criteria on which the assessment is.


Vladimir Putin

1. The quality of the organizer.

1.1. The ability to build teams.

Putin to organized team is difficult to present a simple criterion. Such criteria would be a lot of, no less than more than three dozen – as in the attempt to evaluate a tank or combat aircraft. Will have to artificially determine what to consider as important.

Power and international block Putin’s team is not satisfactory and generally cope with the task to strengthen the competitive position of the organization (in our case of the Russian state) in conditions of scarcity of key resources and the aggressive external environment, which far surpasses the resource at the aggregate capabilities of Russia. Even a puncture By Rodchenkova did not lead US to the goal – could not drop the rating of Putin. The whole controversy on the doping went to sports officials, Rodchenkova and IOC WADA. Putin in Russia before the elections remained in a strong position.

Economic block Putin’s team consists of competing groups of liberals and statists dominated by liberals. The results of this command is more obvious than the results of security officials and diplomats. The economy has a partial positive foci development, there is the commissioning of new capacities and enterprises in different sectors, but there remain serious structural distortions. The population feels the difficult economic situation that is not improving with the commissioning of new enterprises in the field of agriculture, the military-industrial complex, construction, transport and infrastructure. The main weak point – financial unit financial and economic policy. No investment decision creates problems for the stagnation and the threat of political crisis, when facing different groups and their ways of solving this problem.

In such a situation the main criterion of the capacity for team building becomes the team’s ability to find consensus, and its ability in acute disagreement to continue. An alternative to this, if you win one of the groups, and the other will deploy resistance, is chaos, war of all against all and a loss of control. Since this has been avoided by the criterion of ability to teambuilding Putin managed to earn the highest score possible.

Besides, it can be argued that the team has passed the test of resistance to external pressure. Neither the core team nor its peripherals, despite their attempts to influence Putin to negotiate in the United States, from the authority came out and over the edge of betrayal has not passed. Before the presidential election a month, but all US attempts to destabilize the internal situation and split Putin’s team, it didn’t happen. And will not happen given the lack of time for the split. The command saves the conflict of doctrines and paradigms between the groups, but maintains performance and stability, and Putin retains control. Thus, the conflict in the team remains constructive, and Putin managed to prevent its becoming destructive. In a society as the rating of trust in Putin remains high, surpasses all imaginable borders. And this despite all the criticism about the difficulties in the economy, falling living standards and government action that does not lead to the advancement of the population.

That is the task of economic growth, Putin now confronts the elites in the post-election period. Quite naturally, this task will be excruciatingly difficult negotiations to get other people in the government.

1.2. Qualities of a leader.

Skillfully and patiently maneuvering between the divergent interests of the key political clans and groups, Putin remains necessary arbitrator without which their war for their own interests will lead to universal suicide. However, he has the ability to reconcile conflicting groups and to Express their common interests. That’s what he needed. But the important thing is that Putin is able to develop criteria, accept all players as immutable General laws and principles. It is the ability to create General principles, and is founded upon the power of the leader in any community.

1.3. Ability to lead team to victory.

This is the main criterion that determines the leader in the group. In the complex community leader choose not one of those dominant males who in a ritual battle wins another male, and such, who will lead the team to victory. Under the command refers to not only the elite, but the entire tribe, people, country. That is, the leader is determined by the power of the intellect, not by the strength of the muscles.

But since there is a large proportion of the animal part of the world which a person is, the people by inertia present to the leader claim to be the same and physically strong. That Putin constantly shows.

However, its ability to protect the group, to choose its leader, is primarily expressed in the fact that he skillfully leads the country from the blow, which she can’t stand it. And thereby saves his people and their elites from destruction. The stronger the pressure of the external environment, the softer Putin takes all “victims” – as if the “flock” nor demanded from him their blood. The ability to withstand external pressure is the main indicator of the strength of the leader – how would this pressure may come from.

In itself this alone – the preservation of the people and the elite in the face of pressure from the outside – Putin makes a successful quarterback, the size of which apply to the whole nation, especially in the strengthening of the external sanctions and of war psychosis.

Protecting the elite, Putin not takes to it their claims for deoffshorization of the economy. However, he has the patience to wait when they will come to the inevitability of such a decision. Thereby it prevents a civil war in the country, as the protector not only of elite groups, how many entire population. For there is nothing easier than to begin to push offshore elite, then it’s all rush out of the country, organized together with the US conspiracy that will end the coup, and the disintegration of Russia. The horrors that have to worry the population, is much greater than the horror of the collapse of the USSR, when all the nightmares mostly fell on Russia and the former Soviet republics. This time it will happen with us, if you start acting like a bull in a China shop.

2. Qualities of a negotiator.

As said by those who teach negotiation skills: “Not all negotiations can be won, but all sorts of negotiations can not lose.” The art of negotiation are taught in special courses and study to last for several years. Here is a brief list of what should be able to use a professional negotiator:

1. Deep knowledge in psychology.

2. Skills suggestion – the ability to convince and be impressive.

3. Skills bioenergetics and psychic. For if you do not use energy themselves, not the fact that it is not used against you. The ability to protect themselves from the sans-contact – is as the ability of a soldier to defend themselves from a nuclear explosion. Without this, no soldier, no negotiators, especially where the price of the issue – the fate of the country and the question of war and peace.

4. The skill of the actor.

5. The skill of the Director.

6. Professional reflexes used to the formation of character traits – the ability to listen, ask questions, and to enter instantly in the right altered state of consciousness – ISS – and to manage any communication situation.

7. Possession of the winning behaviours.

9. The ability to conduct power, manipulative and partner negotiations. This implies the ability to withstand pressure, to carry for a long period of stress, not to succumb to provocations, not to lose emotional stability and always maintain a strong negotiating position.

10. Detailed knowledge of national and international schools talks. Ability to work in conflict and understand the nuances of cross-cultural negotiation strategies.

11. The ability to build arguments.

12. The ability to recruit and instantly breaking the original negative stereotypes about yourself and your negotiation position.

13. The ability to read lies and neverball partner.

And many other important qualities, without a knowledge of which think nothing to go on important negotiations in the sphere of high politics. Otherwise, there do not understand where and when the kisses and hugs lost the country – example of Gorbachev with the reflexes of agricultural Secretary of the regional party Committee the post of Secretary General of the Communist party must always be before my eyes.

All these qualities taught over the years. This is taught at the diplomatic faculties of the Moscow state University, Academy of the KGB, the Military-diplomatic Academy, in a special negotiation schools at leading universities. Then skills polished over the years in everyday practice.

Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu demonstrate aerobatics skills in negotiations. No one talks to them was not lost. This does not mean that they all won where the prize has not been possible, they have shied away from the agreement, translated the talks into a viscous viscous multi-round negotiation, which is often brought Americans into hysterics, but I never signed it, that would be to the detriment of Russia, and which then had to grab myself by the head and bite your elbows in frustration. In any negotiation a trap they never got any rash concessions are not made.

By the way, Putin’s team has the same sophisticated negotiation skills. Example – all the representatives of Russia at the UN, ambassadors in the United States and European countries. Marmot who can not push the stubborn Walker. In the Donbas this is the situation – exhausting marathon negotiations with the precise fixing of the won positions and defence of the reached lines.

Moscow – Russian or – the negotiation school has always been considered the most rigid and heavy. Piece of art of this school was Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko the Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR , which the West dubbed “Mr. “No». The fact that the art of saying “no” should be taught especially for a long time – people always do not want to argue and he seeks to accept and walk away from the conflict. The ability even for the most tempting offer to answer: “No, I am not able to say anything, I need time to think about it” is an art to take the best and strongest position.

Now let’s see the basis of these criteria the other main contenders for the post of President of Russia. Zhirinovsky’s let not mention, as it formal the race and the actual post does not apply.


Ksenia Sobchak

1. The quality of the organizer.

1.1. The ability to build teams.

The fact that Sobchak not only our own team are constantly falling apart, but the team the Bulk it ruined – that alone cancels further comment on this criterion. To create a team Sobchak are just not able.

1.2. Qualities of a leader.

Ksenia Sobchak – lone wolf. Her role is to tease and provoke scandals. Other competences it does not possess. This alone cancels her as a figure able to become the leader of any group.

1.3. The ability to lead the team to victory.

As Xenia Sobchak has no qualities of a leader and she has no team, therefore, she have nobody to lead to victory. No victories Sobchak in my life ever not reach – except for the victory of the country’s largest anti-rating. The title of the most hated person in Russia after Yeltsin – it must be earned.

2. Qualities of a negotiator.

All their negotiations in the life of Ksenia Sobchak lost – except for the victory soliciting money from parents in childhood. Then, when it had fallen to his paternal inheritance, Sobchak always considered myself to be in such a strong negotiating position, which does not require negotiation. Enough of the ultimatum and of the sentence. Thus, negotiation skill she not at all.


We now turn to Paul Grudinin

1. The quality of the organizer.

1.1. The ability to build teams.

Paul Grudinin formally managed to create a team team of Agrofirm. However, this success is diminished by the fact that the command of the farm existed long before his appearance there, and thus, Grudinin did not create it fully, and inherited. Of course, then he corrected and brought in the desired format. Mainly through remove unnecessary and not by harmonizing the conflicting interests of the left.

When such a conflict arose, Grudinin wasn’t looking him, and changed him in the right direction. Just bought deception Pai villagers in order to concentrate power and property in their hands, and avoid negotiations on an equal footing, with bids, commitments and concessions. So, we all know that after registration Grudinina a presidential candidate, the media went with the flow of complaints from the villagers, who claim that they were fraudulently deprived of their land and cheated them it Grudinin with a small group of confidants he was easy to manage.

Splashed beyond the farm conflict Grudinina with the villagers suggests that no team he has no. Grudinin for the villagers not a leader, and a gentleman, landlord. Because of economic domination navasari them domination administrative. The fact that the spillover of the conflict occurred even without a situation of external pressure on the team, says that Grudinin command does not create, and fights with her. This is an extremely unstable state, and his election is confirmed immediately. And this despite the fact that as a master Grudinin is good, he cares about the social level of the villagers anyway, so it is positioned left-wing media. Nevertheless, in the fight for the team Grudinin lost – he there is no team, and there subordinates his team split into tame the minority and the indifferent or the most embittered, waiting for the opportunity to speak against it and not to miss the opportunity.

1.2. Qualities of a leader.

Grudinin is undoubtedly a leader in its farm. And he was able to lead to prosperity narrow circle administrators and their subordinates. However, it does not have universal recognition as a leader – he has created a code of honour shared by all the villagers. Grudinin – a leader is not moral, and administrative. He was elected long ago, believed the promises, but was not elected after he tricked bought shares and received economic domination. It formed the basis of his position the leader as administrator.

Thus, leadership Grudinina flawed, it is based on manipulative technologies and power imposing itself to the majority followers. He is not an arbitrator, and the owner. The fact that the owner is good – means nothing. If there is a boss and employees on the host. They will not miss a chance to stab him in the back and to avenge wrongs. And the more generous pay Grudinin, especially offensive to workers.

1.3. The ability to lead the team to victory.

Team Grudinina so constructed that each of its victory, first of all, is the victory of Grudinina. This is his account in the West and in Russia grow with zeros, and not the accounts of his fellow villagers. Other get paid, although some are pretty decent. But most get like everything and everywhere. However, Grudinina has a strong position – it is that he social problems of the team decides at the expense of the farm. School, housing, sports facilities, sockect workers – all this, of course, can be seen as a victory for the locally available administration Grudinina. For the staff of the farm is the victory – in any case, victory in the fight for survival against other farms have been looted by its Directors and sold to capital investors for residential and commercial construction.

Grudinin has experience of organization of agricultural business in the territory with the advantage of geographic proximity to the market of the capital and the possession of commercially attractive land. But to blame it Grudinina stupid – he used what he had. It is clear that he got a good position, and on its basis it is possible to be successful and in the provinces, Grudinin would not have been so lucky. But Putin, fetch him, not Russia, and Burkina Faso, too, would not have been the most influential politician in the world.

Handicap provisions Grudinina in comparison with the position of Putin in the fact that the victory of Putin’s team is extracted in a brutal struggle, and the victory Grudinina this struggle does not know.

The strongest Ular reputation as a leader Grudinin made when admitted that, as President, is willing to give half of his powers to the state Council, the head of which promised to do the nominating Zyuganov’s. After that, Grudinin as a leader outside of their farm ceased to exist.

2. Qualities of a negotiator.

According to this criterion, Grudinin unconditionally Putin loses as loses in April ‘ 45 rear intendant to Marshal Zhukov – with all the severe character of the latter and all the kindness of the intendant. 70 percent of the most important of their negotiations Grudinin lost.

First of all, he could not agree with his team, they regret about their assignments and to reconsider its actions if they could, that is, would leave the agreement. The team Grudinina not a partner, and the opponent. Grudinin has the full support – or at least comparable to the percentage of support for Putin. He could not persuade retailers to take their strawberries. The result reached, but not negotiations but an ultimatum – and this is outside of the negotiation. Luzhkov had a complicated relationship. To avoid cooperation with crime Grudinin was not able – contraband strawberries, decorated according to his invoice, was not the ability Grudinina to avoid sentences that it is impossible to refuse. He is pushing him. Or bought – even worse.

Become the head of the district Grudinina also failed. It is not agreed where this issue is resolved. After that, he took offense and withdrew from the United Russia party, which consisted of more than 10 years. He managed from 1997 to 2011 to be the Deputy of Moscow region Duma, which came from United Russia, then when he came out of the EP, he’s 6 years older couldn’t get elected. The career motive of his political activities is very marked. But in this way the ability to negotiate is critical. Grudinin, to negotiate failed and lost all political asset. It turned out to be his limit. On 10 September 2017, a Deputy from the Communist party he was only in the village Council of the city settlement Vidnoe Moscow region. The area of the village. This is a regression from the point of view of career growth.

As for the failure of the negotiator-Grudinina you can give an example of his unfortunate membership in the United Russia political roof. Not finding her there for 10 years, got out and tried to negotiate with the liberal democratic party – and also failed. As a result, he was near without any chance of the Communist party, to join which was not desired. And all this after he in 2000 was a confidant of Putin in the elections – mind you, what resource Grudinin could not use for his own benefit.

The findings of the personnel Committee

Grudinin, finding support in all the parliamentary parties eventually returned to the shore of the Communist party, which itself was scoured in search of any PR enhance your brand. If for the Communist party it was a publicity success, for Grudinina – career disaster. After the offer to become the face of the Communist party in the role now red Director, Grudinin was dependent on the team Zyuganov. That not only undermined his status as a negotiator, but was killed for his attempt to assert himself as a leader at a higher level. Grudinina as a negotiator always cling to high point personal needs and are invariably forced by the result. He gave the most important their interests for nothing, and if he takes these skills to the leadership of Russia, I confidently predict her fate of the Soviet Union, and Grudinina – the fate of Kerensky. Good eloquent lawyer, who became for a short time the head of Russia. However, he had this a short time for its complete destruction.

That these conclusions are drawn after a comparative analysis of competencies of the basic applicants for a post of the President of Russia. We Nemer did not analyze their programs from the point of view of political economy, scientific communism and historical materialism. We have not turned to Adam Smith and David Ricardo, as well as not used the insights of Milton Friedman and Friedrich August Hayek.

All philosophical evaluation of policies and positions of candidates we have left out of our analysis. Used only those facts that appear in public and an information field, and known to everyone. And on the basis of which one can make a conclusion about what core competencies have – or not have – the main contenders for the highest state easy in Russia. So, what motives can be justified your personal choice. As they say – only staff management and nothing personal.




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